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What are Adhesive Tapes?

Adhesive Tapes are basically narrow strips of plastic or some other material that is primarily used to fasten or stick two things together. They are usually available in the form of rolls or strips. These adhesive tapes are self sticking tapes and are usually used with a tape dispenser. They are mostly clear and clear tapes which are see through because if the adhesive tape is used to mend a torn notebook, then even after the tape being there it makes the text written under it visible to read. This is the reason why adhesive tapes used for holding on papers together is mostly transparent. Such adhesive tapes are also commonly known as sellotape. The invention of an adhesive tape dates back to 1845, in the form of a major component of an adhesive tape but in the year 1901, an adhesive patch was invented in Germany and called it Leukoplast.

Buy Adhesive Tape of Various Types

There are various types of adhesive tapes which are used for different surfaces. Since the materials differ on the basis of their texture so the kind of adhesive tape that are effective in sticking to that surface also differs. Some adhesive tapes are water-resistant also which enables them to be used on such surfaces where occasionally water comes. The most commonly used adhesive tape is a packaging tape, it is also called Filament tape, it is usually brown in color, and is ordinarily used to seal cartons, bubble wraps or other cardboard units. Then there are electrical tapes which are basically used to insulate electrical wires and connect them. They are mostly black in color, but they may be available in other colors also. Scotch Tapes are usually clear or translucent tapes with matte finish that constitute a major part of the office supplies. Scotch tape is a brand name produced by the global brand, 3M. There is another major type of tape which is in use these days, that is, Foam tape. It is also called as mounting tape or double sided adhesive tape. Basically this tape serves dual purposes of sticking two surfaces together with ease. It is a very strong double sided tape that can hold together hard to stick materials also.

Best Adhesive Tape India on Tolexo

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Atharv BOPP Brown Adhesive Tape, Pack of 72 Rs.1335 Rs.1327 Pack Quantity:72 Jonson Aluminum Tape Rs.81 Rs.78 3% Pack Quantity:1 Roll Min. Order Quantity:6 Atharv BOPP Trasparent Adhesive Tape, Pack of 72 Rs.1335 Rs.1327 Pack Quantity:72 Elisha High Gum Transparent Tape, 55 mtr. Rs.441 Rs.411 6% Pack Quantity:12 DCGpac Brown Packaging Tape, 2 Inch X 65 Mtr, PK63007, Pack of 6 Rs.255 Rs.254 Pack Quantity:6 Min. Order Quantity:5 Wonder Tape Transparent Self Adhesive Bopp Tape Rs.1501 Rs.1500 Pack Quantity:72 Wonder Tape Brown Self Adhesive Bopp Tape Rs.1501 Rs.1500 Pack Quantity:72 Jonson Aluminium Tape, 20 M x 2 inch Rs.107 Rs.106 Pack Quantity:1 Roll Min. Order Quantity:4 Steelgrip Self Adhesive, Black, ISI PVC Electrical Insulation Tape Rs.360 Rs.340 5% Pack Quantity:30 Min. Order Quantity:2 Navalai Strech Film Rs.945 Rs.939 Pack Quantity:1 Elisha 14 Rolls Coloured Tapes, Orange, 72 mm X 50 Mtr. Rs.6921 Rs.1202 82% Pack Quantity:14 Rolls Tekno Bopp Tape Clear Rs.1738 Rs.1691 2% Pack Quantity:72 DCGpac Brown Packaging Tape, 3 Inch X 100 Mtr, PK123016, Pack of 12 Rs.984 Pack Quantity:12 Atharv BOPP Trasparent Adhesive Tape, 3 Inch x 40 M, 40 Micron Rs.2772 Rs.1272 54% Pack Quantity:48 SCAPA EPR Tape Rs.483 Pack Quantity:1 Jonson HDPE Water Proof Tape, 50 M x 2 inch Rs.472 Rs.471 Pack Quantity:1 Roll SP Floor Marking Tape, 50.8 mm X 30 mtr. Rs.1350 Pack Quantity:10 Jonson Single Side Foam Tape, 10 M x 1 inch Rs.277 Rs.276 Pack Quantity:1 Roll Min. Order Quantity:2 Atharv BOPP Trasparent Adhesive Tape, 3 Inch x 60 M, 40 Micron Rs.1701 Rs.1700 Pack Quantity:48 Elisha 36 Rolls Masking Tape, Creamy Rs.826 Rs.771 6% Pack Quantity:36 Rolls 3M Masking Tape, WS0031 Rs.450 Rs.449 Pack Quantity:1 3M Double Coated Polyester Tape, 55256 Rs.2394 Pack Quantity:5 Roll Tremper+ Hook And Look Tape, 50 mm Rs.560 Rs.559 Pack Quantity:1 set Wonder Brown Tape Rs.285 Pack Quantity:6 Min. Order Quantity:2 3M Double Sided Adhesive Tape Acrylic Foam Car Auto Rs.442 Rs.414 6% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 3M Acrylic VHB Tape Rs.5216 Rs.5215 Pack Quantity:5 Roll Jonson 1 inch x 25 mtr PVC insulation Tape Rs.44 Rs.42 4% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 3M Car Auto Double Foam Faced Adhesive Sticker Tape Rs.506 Rs.450 11% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 DCGpac Brown Packaging Tape, 3 Inch X 100 Mtr, PK033016, Pack of 3 Rs.292 Pack Quantity:3 Min. Order Quantity:3 WONDER Self Adhesive Bopp Tape Rs.2268 Rs.2132 5% Pack Quantity:1 Roll 3M VHB- Structural Glazing tape Rs.3276 Pack Quantity:5 Roll Elisha 18 Rolls Aluminium Tape, 48 mm X 18 mtr. Rs.2381 Rs.2007 15% Pack Quantity:18 Rolls 3M PE Foam tape Rs.1039 Rs.1038 Pack Quantity:5 Roll Atharv BOPP Brown Adhesive Tape, 1 Inch x 40 M, 40 Micron Rs.2772 Rs.1272 54% Pack Quantity:144 Jonson PVC floor marking tape Rs.201 Pack Quantity:1 Roll Min. Order Quantity:2 Atharv BOPP Trasparent Adhesive Tape, 3 Inch x 90 M, 40 Micron Rs.2457 Rs.2456 Pack Quantity:48
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