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Fasteners Online: Fastest to your workplace

Fixing your workplace is a necessary requirement for the smooth working of your employees. Loose ends at the work place leads to delays and unwanted intervals, and disrupts the working environment. Managing such hassles for the big industries and businesses, Tolexo offers a wide array of fasteners online. With big brands assisting our platform, you can buy fasteners from the best. Fastener manufacturers & suppliers on Tolexo give you a list of products like screws of different variants including thumb screws, machine screws, drywall screws, gypsum screws etc.; nails having pneumatic fasteners variant; hardware including cable, wire and hose clamp; bolts containing freight car bolts,wheel bolts, plow bolts, machine bolts, etc. All the products are delivered to you with best service offered by Tolexo, in India.

Fastener Manufacturers & Suppliers Go for Tolexo

Tightening screws of your work place, with care and surety, Tolexo gives the best fastening solutions sought after by big businesses and industries. This is majorly due to the best price available for fasteners online, throughout the e-commerce platforms. A product line consisting thread inserts which include thread insert kits and thread insert tools; washers with lock and flat washers options; rivet tools; nuts comprising weld nuts,wheel nuts,lock nuts, hex nuts; and anchors which has expansion shields, wedge anchors, stud anchors etc., to give the clients a rich stack of products. With a wide outreach to untapped locations, Tolexo has been a hit among sellers and buyers alike, for buying fasteners online.

Buy Fasteners to Fasten up Your Workplace

Coping up with the immense requirements, for a wide client base spanning various businesses and industries, Tolexo does what it does best, i.e. Delivery at your doorstep with ease. 100% genuine product guarantee and 30 days money back guarantee, you can expect best in class goods, with utmost trust value attached to it as products are sourced from most trusted brands like Hitachi, TVS, Bansal, etc.
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RKGD Self Drilling Screws With Steel Bond EPDM Washer, Size:12 X 55 mm Rs.752 Pack Quantity:500 VIRAAJ SS304 Hex Bolt Metric Size Rs.224 Rs.189 15% Pack Quantity:100 Certificate:DIN 933 APS Philip Bugle Head Fine Thread Phosphated Dry Wall Screws Rs.219 Rs.218 Pack Quantity:1000 Shubham Trading Three Shield Anchor Rs.423 Rs.422 Pack Quantity:100 Nakoda Drywall Screw Rs.260 Rs.259 Pack Quantity:250 UBPS Infrared Lamp, UB105 Rs.960 Pack Quantity:1 Wind E Self Drilling Screw, 12 x 25(5.5 x 25), Pack Of 500 Rs.603 Pack Quantity:500 Wudtul Nails, WT/S/F12 Rs.174 Rs.173 Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:3 UBPS Steam Bath, UB410 Rs.6412 Rs.4506 29% Pack Quantity:1 RKGD Self Drilling Screws With Steel Bond EPDM Washer, Size: 10 X 25 mm Rs.3099 Pack Quantity:4000 Trutek Nylon Hammer Anchor Rs.998 Rs.888 11% Pack Quantity:100 Shubham Trading M10 Pin Anchor Rs.681 Rs.680 Pack Quantity:100 Shubham Trading M12 Pin Anchor Rs.978 Pack Quantity:100 Wudtul Nail, WT/S/F 20 Rs.690 Pack Quantity:6 Wudtul Nails, H&P/S/F25 Rs.232 Rs.231 Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 UBPS Tee Pully Exercise, UB113 Rs.960 Rs.896 6% Pack Quantity:1 VIRAAJ SS306 Hex Bolt Metric Size Rs.703 Rs.422 39% Pack Quantity:100 Certificate:DIN 933 Jumfix Wedge Anchor Rs.4680 Rs.3743 20% Pack Quantity:120 VIRAAJ SS304 Hex Bolt BSW Size Rs.367 Rs.257 29% Pack Quantity:100 Certificate:DIN 933 RKGD Self Drilling Screws, Size:12 X 60 mm Rs.3770 Rs.3621 3% Pack Quantity:1 packet UBPS Multi Gym 5 Station, UB419 Rs.102600 Rs.95697 6% Pack Quantity:1 TVS M5 Allen Bolt Rs.500 Rs.497 Pack Quantity:100 VIRAAJ SS306 Hex Bolt BSW Size Rs.949 Rs.540 43% Pack Quantity:100 Certificate:DIN 933 RKGD Self Drilling Screws With Steel Bond EPDM Washer Rs.4153 Rs.3060 26% Pack Quantity:1400 Wind E Self Drilling Screw, 12 x 55(5.5 x 55), Pack Of 250 Rs.474 Pack Quantity:250 TVS M8 Allen Bolt Rs.649 Rs.647 Pack Quantity:100 Fastrax ZP 5.35x25 Self Drill Screw Rs.853 Pack Quantity:1 APL SS304 Hex Bolt BSW Size Rs.367 Rs.257 29% Pack Quantity:100 Certificate:DIN 933 RKGD Self Drilling Screws, Size:12 X 55 mm Rs.3542 Rs.3495 1% Pack Quantity:2000 RKGD CSK Phillips Flat Head Self Drilling Screw, Pack of 2000, 4 Kg Rs.1100 Rs.879 20% Pack Quantity:2000 Min. Order Quantity:2 P-Tech T-Bolt, PTB-3036-320 Rs.3722 Rs.3312 11% Pack Quantity:5 UBPS Ab Gym Heavy Duty, UB437 Rs.6412 Rs.6190 3% Pack Quantity:1 Hq Self Drilling Screws With Steel Bond EPDM Washer, Size:12 X 55 mm Rs.434 Pack Quantity:250 UBPS G 5 Massager, UB309 Rs.8015 Rs.1673 79% Pack Quantity:1 TVS M6 Allen Bolt Rs.558 Rs.555 Pack Quantity:100 Huf U-Bolt Rs.849 Rs.848 Pack Quantity:100
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