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Hand Tools

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There are several varieties of hand tools that are available for various purposes. There are power hand tools and professional hand tools that take care of a variety of functions. These tools are mostly used in several industries, factories, construction sites and manufacturing sites among other areas of operation. Most hand tools online are selected on the basis of several parameters including the kind of industry they are to be used in, the material of the handle, length of the tool, brand name and material of the blade wherever applicable.

There are several kinds of tools available in this category including specialized industrial equipment, home equipment and tools for home tasks like cleaning, sawing, cutting and repairing among others. You can buy hand tools online in India in several avatars and varieties, and there are several renowned brands operating in the market in recent times. These tools are usually classified into categories like crimping, cutting, industrial purposes, home tools, kits and tool storage equipment. Selecting the right hand tool is of utmost importance, depending on your sector of operation. It is always advisable to buy products from leading brands owing to the quality and finish that comes automatically with them. Branded tools are seen to last much longer and usually require fewer replacements as compared to others from unknown or little known companies.

Shop For The Best Hand Tools At Tolexo.Com is your best bet for quality hand tools. is a one stop digital hand tools shop where you will find every variety suited to your needs and requirements. Here, you will find crimping tools, cutting tools, hand tool kits, industrial hand tools, pliers, flies, benders and several other types of hand tools for diverse purposes. sources products from the best hand tools manufacturers including Bosch hand tools, Hitachi, Stanley hand tools, Taparia and Skil to name just a few leading brands in this segment.

Some of the popular products available at in this segment include wrenches and spanners, tool storage and transfer tanks, sockets and bits, nutdrivers and screwdrivers, hand tool kits, air blowers, and cutting tools. Other options include magnetic screwdriver tool kits, key hex sets, T handle sets, mini tool sets, multipurpose digital line testers with neon bulbs, screw driver kits with neon bulbs, general purpose DIY kits, screwdrivers with bright LED lights, Allen keys sets, tamper proof Torx key sets, stub by screw drivers, electricians hammers, keys long ball point sets, screw driver kits and many more. The sky is the limit when it comes to finding multiple options in your desired tool category at

Why Opt For Hand Tools Online Shopping At Tolexo.Com? is a treasure trove of hand tools and gives you plenty of choice in almost every conceivable category and that too from the biggest and best brands in this segment. is fastidious about quality and offers a 100% genuine guarantee on all its products in terms of overall quality and performance. At, you can expect nothing but the best products suited to your needs. Apart from these tools, is also a storehouse of safety shoes, heat guns, bathroom accessories and all other industrial safety gear that your organization might require in addition to plumbing fittings and other household equipment and hardware. also possesses a vast collection of electrical and lighting products that you will simply fall in love with! has its own refund policy where easy returns are assured to customers. 100% money back is offered to customers within a period of 30 days in cases where products are completely undamaged. Additionally, also offers fast and hassle free shipping of products to your address.
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