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Power Tools

Power Tools - An Industrial Necessity

Power tools are modern day necessities across almost all spheres, be it Industrial, commercial or household. While there are several options available with regard to the options and types of power tools, these tools differ greatly by way of their application. There are several specific sectors where power tools come in really handy. If you want to buy power tools online in India, you should first definitely learn and know every detail about how these tools work and their functionality across different spheres of operation. When it comes to learning more about power tools, you should understand that any power tool is a tool or device that is put to use with the help of an external source of power. Professional power tools and industrial power tools usually come with electric motors which lend extra horsepower to their working. Compressed air and internal combustion are also used in some cases.

Different Types of Power Tools

Bosch Angle Grinders are a kind of a power tool which have a rotating abrasive disc or a disc with rough surface and are majorly used to polish, grind or sometimes even cut metals. Also called as disc grinder or side grinder, these power tools are hand held Angle Grinders. It has a geared head which has a mounted abrasive disc. These power angle grinders are primarily used for grinding, cutting and polishing purposes. Depending upon the mode of power, these tools are differentiated into 3 types – electric motor, petrol engine or compressed air.
Black & Decker Power Drills are such an example of a power tool which is typically operated through electrical motors, and these motors keep a replaceable drill bit rotating in order to carve holes in plastic, wood or metal. The mechanism is also different and unique in comparison to tools that are used for manual labor.
Dewalt Heat Guns are the power tools in the shape of a gun which make them easy to handle and operate. They are basically used to produce a flame less stream of extremely hot air, typically for the purpose of rapid drying or sometimes for softening paint for removal. These tools are mostly used in industries, factories, construction sites, manufacturing sites, gardens, house work and so on.
SKIL Drill Machine is a tool fitted with a cutting tool attachment or driving tool attachment, which is usually a drill bit or driver bit, and it is used for boring holes in various materials or fastening various materials together with the use of fasteners. The industrial power tools category encompasses varied activities like drilling, sanding, cutting, shaping, polishing, heating, routing, painting and more
Bosch Air Blower is a kind of a hand power tool which very easy to operate and are very helpful in doing the day to day tasks like cleaning and maintaining electronic gadgets. This device makes use of the rotating impellers to increase the speed of the air gushing out of the drive out shaft. An air blower accelerates air flow radially, while changing the direction by 90 degrees. These power tools are mostly used in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry. Tolexo has a wide range of power tools which includes products like cordless tools, heat guns, drills, saws etc.

Extensive range of Air Blowers

On Tolexo, you can buy Heat Guns online from these globally renowned brands and many other brands like, Bosch, Black & Decker, SKIL, Cheston, Jackly, Planet Power and many more at the best prices. With over a million SKUs, and over 28 categories to choose from, Tolexo is gearing up for the increasing demand in the Indian market place. We offer a wide assortment of marble cutters online in Power Tools category which also includes drills, saws, cordless tools, blowers , sanders etc. Apart from these, Tolexo deals in 28 wide categories of products and over a million products which also includes, Vacuum Cleaners, Trimmers, safety gloves, screwdrivers, hand tools, power tools, machine supply, machine tools, lock nut, electricals, plumbing tools, Air Blowers, coach bolts, fans, paper cutters, safety gloves, screwdrivers, Bench Grinders, hand tools, philips plug, screwdriver bits, test and measure tools, hardware, extension cords, fasteners, lubricants, Burnishers, lab supplies, Bosch Power Tools, indexable inserts, havells socket, pullers, pliers, power drills, garden tools, LED Lights, adhesives, abrasives, medical supplies, lag bolts, screwdriver bits, test and measure tools, hardware, fasteners, washers, screw drivers, hand tools, screw online, office supplies, Drill Machine etc. Now you can buy nuts sitting at home, saving your money, time and energy and with a 100% guarantee of genuine products. Moreover, we assure you with a timely dispatch of your order. In case of dissatisfaction because of defect, 15-day money back guarantee. Hence, big industrial and business houses trust us for their bulk buying with respect to business supplies. Where else would you get maximum surety at minimum prices!
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