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Abrasives Online: Tolexo Makes it Easy to Wear Out Things

shape, according to your requirements, at your workplace. With a large assortment of abrasive material including cut off wheels; sanding discs and belts having Velcro Discs and sanding discs as product variants; grinding wheels which include C face wheels and centerless wheels; flap discs and mops, etc., you can buy abrasive products from the best brands without compromising on their efficiency.

Buy Abrasive Products for Your Workplace

With an emerging market hopes to get best quality finished products, there has been a lot of demand for the best in class abrasive materials. This demand has further boosted Tolexo’s sales as it has been the biggest market place in India. With a wide range of abrasives online, we offer a complete range of sandpaper and rolls including sandpaper sheets and abrasive rolls; abrasive sharpening stones including rubbing bricks and dressing sticks; diamond abrasives; abrasive accessories including disc backup pads, abrasive test kits and control kits etc., to help big industries to carry out with their smooth functioning. The products offered at Tolexo come with the best price guarantee and from the most trusted brands and sellers.

How Tolexo Excels with Abrasive Material in the Marketplace?

Managing a seller base of more than 5000, with surplus of 7500 brands (like Bosch, Hitachi, Orient, to name a few) on our platform, Tolexo is sure to be a hit when it comes to buying abrasives online. With an unmatched delivery system, businesses and industries prefer buying products for their bulk requirements at workplace. Offering a 100% genuine product guarantee and an easy return policy to boast off, Tolexo is the best bet for corporates to buy abrasive products.
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Bosch 14 Inch Chopsaw Wheel 355 x 3 x 25.4 mm, 2608602751 Rs.3520 Rs.2655 24% Pack Quantity:20 Bosch 4 Inch Cutting Wheel 105 x 1 x 16 mm - S 2608607414 Rs.2028 Rs.1876 7% Pack Quantity:25 YURI Green 4 Inch Cut-Off Wheel 105 x 1 x 16 mm Rs.2004 Rs.1533 23% Pack Quantity:100 YURI 14 Inch Green Cut Off Wheel 355 x 2.5 x 25.4 mm Rs.3436 Rs.3308 3% Pack Quantity:25 Xtra Power 4 Inch Cut Off Wheel Green 105 x 1.5 x 16 mm Rs.1500 Rs.1345 10% Pack Quantity:100 Bosch 4 Inch Grinding Wheel 100 x 6 x 16 mm, 2608603299 Rs.5746 Rs.3869 32% Pack Quantity:100 BEST PRICE Hitachi 14 Inch Chop Saw Wheels 702114, 355 x 2 8 x 25 mm Rs.7350 Rs.4410 40% Pack Quantity:25 Dewalt 14 Inch Chop Saw Wheel 355 x 2.8 x 25.4 mm Rs.226 Rs.168 25% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:3 Xtra Power Flap Disc 100 x 16 Rs.1700 Rs.1365 19% Pack Quantity:50 Dewalt 14 Inch Chop Saw Wheel 355 x 2.8 x 25.4 mm, DWA8011C-IN Rs.4500 Rs.3514 21% Pack Quantity:25 Bosch 5 Inch Cutting Wheel 125 x 1 x 22.2 mm 2608600549 Rs.5070 Rs.4689 7% Pack Quantity:25 Bosch 4 Inch Cutting Wheel 100 x 2.5 x 16 mm 2608600664 Rs.17745 Rs.14310 19% Pack Quantity:300 Norton Carbide Grinding Wheel, V538, Size: 250 x 25 x 31.75 mm Rs.2073 Rs.1902 8% Pack Quantity:1 Norton Offhand Grinding Wheel V191 Size: 200 x 25 x 31.75 mm Rs.3515 Rs.3264 7% Pack Quantity:5 Norton 8 Inch Saw Gumming C Face Wheel 200 x 10 x 31.75 mm, V441 Rs.6362 Rs.4539 28% Pack Quantity:12 Norton 8 Inch Bonded Vitrified Grinding Wheel 200 x 25 x 31.75 mm Grit: Coarse, V192 Rs.3301 Rs.2545 22% Pack Quantity:5 Bosch 4 Inch Cut Off Wheels 105 x 1.2 x 16 mm 2608603412 Rs.905 Rs.519 42% Pack Quantity:25 Bosch 7 Inch Cutting Wheels 180 x 3.0 x 22.23mm 2608620677 Rs.5586 Rs.3780 32% Pack Quantity:50 CUMI POWER 14 Inch Chopsaw Wheel 350 x 2.8 x 25.4 mm Rs.1450 Rs.681 53% Pack Quantity:5 Yuri Greenline 4 Inch Flexible Grinding GC Wheel, 16 mm Rs.1200 Rs.972 19% Pack Quantity:30 Bosch 14" Chop Saw Wheels, 355 x 3 x 25 4 mm Rs.3796 Rs.2820 25% Pack Quantity:20 Universal Resin Bond Diamond Grinding Flat Wheel Rs.1477 Rs.1099 25% Pack Quantity:1 Hitachi 14 Inch Chop Saw Wheels 702114, 355 x 2 8 x 25 mm Rs.7350 Rs.4356 40% Pack Quantity:25 Yuri 4 Inch DC Grinding wheel 100 x 6 x 16 mm Rs.1700 Rs.1436 15% Pack Quantity:50 Bosch 4 Inch Cutting Wheel 105 x 1.2 x 16 mm 2608603413 Rs.1267 Rs.734 42% Pack Quantity:25 Norton Vitrified Toolroom Wheels, Size: 180 x 13 x 3175mm, V157C Rs.9218 Rs.7906 14% Pack Quantity:20 Norton 10 Inch Carbide Grinding Green Wheel 250 x 25 x 31.75 mm, 39G 60 M5 VK, V538 Rs.6975 Rs.6895 1% Pack Quantity:4 Norton 6 Inch Carbide Grinding Green Wheel 150 x 20 x 31.75 mm, 39G 60 L5 VK, V543 Rs.5301 Rs.5240 1% Pack Quantity:10 Indus 12 Inch Cut Off Wheel 300 x 3 x 25 mm Grit: A30 Rs.8235 Rs.6404 22% Pack Quantity:50 Norton Vitrified Toolroom Wheels, Size: 150 x 100 x 3175mm, V133 Rs.3765 Rs.3455 8% Pack Quantity:2 Norton 6 Inch Saw Gumming C Face Wheel 150 x 8 x 31.75 mm, V437 Rs.7138 Rs.5333 25% Pack Quantity:20 Norton Xpert 7 inch Cut Off Wheels 180 x 2.8 x 22.23 RX28H Rs.9113 Rs.7832 14% Pack Quantity:80 Cumi 7 Inch Samurai Depressed Centre Wheel 180 x 6 x 22.23 mm, BDCRN035700368 Rs.3629 Rs.2912 19% Pack Quantity:30 Planet Power 4 inch Cut Off Wheel Terminator 105 x 1 x 16 mm Rs.5700 Rs.2079 63% Pack Quantity:100 Bosch 14" Chop Saw Wheels, 355x 3 x 25 4 mm Rs.6798 Rs.6690 1% Pack Quantity:25 Norton Alkon Gold Plus 5 Inch Sanding Disc 125 x 22.23 mm Rs.4184 Rs.3005 28% Pack Quantity:100