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Abrasives and Abrasive Accessories

Before getting to know what abrasives really are, we could not understand the types of abrasives and their extensive applications in the home and industries. An abrasive is a material, as well as a mineral that is commonly used to shape a work piece to give it a finishing touch through rubbing the abrasive on it so that some parts of the work piece is worn away. Abrasives are used either to polish the object to a smooth and reflective surface or to roughen it as in satin, matte or beaded finish. In other terms, abrasives and their accessories are those hard materials used to wear away the surfaces of softer and less resistant materials. Abrasives are used for both natural and synthetic substances which can be softer articles used in household cleansers and jewellers polish to the hardest stone on earth, that is, diamond. Abrasives are a must use in and for every product that is made today. Abrasives are extensively used in domestic, industrial and technological applications.

Abrasive Accessories and their Applications

Abrasives are available in various physical and chemical compositions, shapes and sizes depending on their applications in the work place. Abrasives are used for grinding, sharpening, lapping, polishing, buffing, cutting, honing, drilling and sanding. Abrasives are the main components of grinding wheels, sand papers, honing stones, cut off wheels, tumbling and vibratory mass-finishing media, sand blasting, pulp stones, ball mills and many other tools and products. Precision of components and ultra smooth surfaces required for automobiles, air planes and space vehicles are achieved only through the use of different abrasives and their accessories. Abrasive accessories include disc cutters, disc pads, backing pads, sanding blocks, wire brushes, belts, flap wheels and much more.

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