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Flap Discs

Majorly used for grinding and finishing of metals, flap discs are abrasives that have high utility in many industrial processes. These abrasives consist of three main components – First being a backing plate, second being adhesive and the last being abrasive cloth flaps. Flap wheels are designed for right angle applications using a grinder. Similarly, flap mops are also used as abrasives, made from a circular flat sheet of a coated abrasive, and made of multiple overlapping small pieces attached to the center of the wheel.
The advantages of using an abrasive flap wheels over traditional discs are – Firstly, the surface impact angle is different which varies with the angle of the wheel. While there is an issue of repeated scratch marks on the same place, when using a traditional wheel. Secondly, a normal flat wheel wears out with a normal wear and tear. While on the other hand, a flap wheel grinder doesn’t wear out with just a simple wear and tear. This is so because the abrasive wear is distributed throughout the various flaps and mops rather than limited to just one portion.

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