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Grinding Wheels

Abrasive category product, grinding wheels are applied for various grinding and cutting purposes. They can also be used in grinding machines. The grinding wheel specification is usually composite mainly consisting of course particles, bonded together by a cementing matrix to form a solid wheel (circular shape). The usage of the wheel decides its shape and various cross section designs. Grinding wheels manufacturers have a special focus on the process followed with strict regulations on composition and regularity to prevent the grinding disc from exploding due to intensive pressure. Super-abrasives are grinding wheels with CBN or Diamond grains.
Tolexo has a variety of grinding wheels like C face wheels , recessed grinding wheels, diamond grinding wheels, CBN grinding wheels, dish grinding wheels - type 12, cylinder and plate mounted grinding wheels, grinding wheel materials etc. This extensive variety is available with best price guarantee amongst various other platforms, in India. These abrasive grinding wheels are sourced from famous brands like Grindwell Norton grinding wheel, Stanley, Taparia and Ultra Touch among others.

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Business and industrial supplies in India has seen an impressive growth post B2B e-commerce portals like Tolexo, which has over 28 categories spanning safety equipment, safety shoes, led lights ,power tools and hand tools, plumbing solutions, test & measure equipment, medical supplies etc. Tolexo has best in class grinding wheels in abrasives category of supplies. There are over 1 million SKUs on our platform to cater to the ever increasing demand in the Indian market. We also provide 100% genuine guarantee on our products with a 15 day money return policy in case of sub optimal product quality or any other discrepancy regarding manufacturing defects. Apart from grinding tools, we have sanding discs and belts, wood and marble cutting wheels, diamond abrasives , sandpaper and rolls, abrasive sharpening stones, and control wheels, etc.