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Polishing is generally referred to a process of smoothening a surface of an object or a work piece using an abrasive. Polishing and buffing are the processes that are known for giving a finishing touch to the product. Polishing is used to enhance the look of an item, to remove oxidation, to create a reflective surface, to prevent contamination and to prevent corrosion in pipes. In the technical terms, polishing is an aggressive process that uses abrasives that are glued to the polishing wheel. In metallurgy, polishing is widely used to create a defect free and flat surfaces to examine the microstructure of the metal under a microscope. Benefits of stainless steel can even be increased by polishing it. Oxidisation from the metals can be removed by polishing it. The sole purpose of polishing and buffing is to transform a rough surface into a smooth one.

Polishing Wheels

Polishing and buffing is achieved using wheels. The face of the wheel is the sanding block carrying a thin layer of compound which is the sand paper. Different types of wheels are available with different grades of compounds to achieve the desired results. The compounds used in the polishing wheels are made of wax substances. Abrasive powders are added to these wax compounds. A thin slick of wax and abrasive is formed over the face of the wheel due to the heat and friction that melts the wax when the hard block of compound is applies to the edge of the polishing wheel. Any metal or hard plastic can be polished to a satin finish with the correct polishing wheel and compound.

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