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Sanding Discs and Belts

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Sanding Discs

Sanding discs are the apparatus that is used to polish objects, straighten the curves or remove excess paint from the cars. There are discs that can even sand the plaster or remove rust from the metals. Discs can even grind as well as polish. Wood and metal are polished by the sand discs to prepare them for painting. The most prominent feature of the sanding disc is the number of grits designed. This number determines the degree of coarseness of the sand paper. Selection of the disc with appropriate number of grits for a particular task is the key to efficient use of sanding. Sanding discs come in variety of sizes to help the user achieve better results. From hone repair to professional carpentry, sanding is an art form widely used to give the perfect finesse to the final product.

Sanding Belts

Sanding belts are the belts that stretch across the two wheels where it is attached to a rotating element. The sanding belt is looped around the two wheels that stretches and causes tension. Sanding belts are the great help for smoothening large wood sections as they easily scrape the old paint and scarred surfaces to give a smooth finish to the object. Sanding belts are available on different sizes and they need replacement from time to time. The closed coat version of the sanding belts serve the very basic sanding needs of finishing the surfaces of metals and wood, whereas open coat sanding belts models can be used on leather, soft wood, non ferrous metals and rubber.

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