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Sandpaper is a very common form of coated abrasive. A few other forms of coated abrasives are pads, belts, sanding cords and discs. A coated abrasive is primarily an abrasive grain attached to a substrate or a surface with the help of adhesives. This surface can either be sheets of paper or cloth. Sandpaper or glass paper, as it is generically called is available in various grit sizes. It is used to remove material from surfaces (like paint from the walls) or to make a particular surface rough, for instance, to prepare a surface for gluing or to make it smoother for painting and wood finishing. Sandpaper is available in different shapes and sizes – sheet, belt and disk , sponge and rolls. While a sheet is normally 9 by 11 inches, a belt is cloth backed. The size of the belt varies depending on the size of the belt sander.

Sanding Rolls

Sanding rolls, also called as ‘Shag Rolls’ are crafted to fast and easy sanding of different types of surfaces. The most crucial aspect of these rolls is that they can be cut to precise length as required. These sandpaper rolls are generally packed in suitable, protective dispensers. This results in minimizing wastage and allows for better storage. Eventually, the desired result – smoothening, cleaning or roughening up a surface is achieved without any hassle.

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