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Adhesive Online: Stick to Tolexo

Going back in the 90s, one could only think of one brand which had overcast the entire adhesive vertical. Cut to the present, there are hundreds of brands. Tolexo picks out the best industrial adhesive solutions, from the best brands and offers it to you online. Big industries and businesses buy adhesives in bulk for their every day needs. Hence, Tolexo provides a rich list of products like glues and epoxy; tapes of various kinds like reflective tapes, packaging tapes; dispensing guns like caulk guns and glue guns etc., in addition to a long list of other adhesives online.

Industrial Adhesives for Concrete Results

With a view over the concern to mitigate issues relating to weak adhesive bonding solutions and their damage to your establishment, Tolexo provides good quality adhesives online. Providing a large number of products like thread and gasket sealants which comprise gasket sealant and pipe sealant variants; caulks, sealants and PU foam consisting of spray foam sealants and caulk and sealant variants; and concrete, asphalt and cement products, businesses and industries can have a one-stop solution for all there adhesive solutions. Buy adhesives from Tolexo and get a whole lot of options and the best brands to chose from.

Why Tolexo for Online Adhesive Solutions?

Being a market leader in India for its un-matchable delivery services, which provides you with your requirements at your doorstep, Tolexo is the place to be to buy adhesives, for your business place or industrial establishment. With easy return policy and 30 days money back guarantee, we offer the most prominent adhesive solutions with our wide seller base spanning over 5000 and a wide range of brands surpassing 7500 with Astral, Fevicol, Pidilite among others. Tolexo provides a prominent platform to buy industrial and business products at the best price and in the most convenient way.
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Akfix Multipurpose PU Foam Rs.275 Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 Resinova Bondtite Fast & Clear Adhesive Rs.252 Pack Quantity:24 Min. Order Quantity:2 Wonder Tape Brown Self Adhesive Bopp Tape Rs.1501 Rs.1500 Pack Quantity:72 Sauravi Strapping Roll, PP 1260, 12 mm Rs.1811 Rs.1810 Pack Quantity:2 Rolls WONDER Self Adhesive Bopp Tape Rs.2268 Rs.2132 5% Pack Quantity:1 Roll 3M Acrylic VHB Tape Rs.5216 Rs.5215 Pack Quantity:5 Roll 3M Duct Tape Rs.1373 Rs.1282 6% Pack Quantity:1 3M Double Coated Polyester Tape, 55256 Rs.2394 Pack Quantity:5 Roll 3M VHB- Structural Glazing tape Rs.3276 Pack Quantity:5 Roll Atharv BOPP Trasparent Adhesive Tape, Pack of 48 Rs.1335 Rs.1327 Pack Quantity:48 Wonder Tape Transparent Self Adhesive Bopp Tape Rs.1501 Rs.1500 Pack Quantity:72 3M Extreme Sealing Tape, 4412N Rs.12600 Pack Quantity:2 Roll Atharv BOPP Brown Adhesive Tape, Pack of 72 Rs.1335 Rs.1327 Pack Quantity:72 3M Mirror Mount Tape Rs.2381 Rs.2380 Pack Quantity:5 Roll 3M Masking Tape, WS0031 Rs.450 Rs.449 Pack Quantity:1 3M Car Auto Double Foam Faced Adhesive Sticker Tape Rs.506 Rs.450 11% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 Dfix Premium Epoxy Resin And Hardener, DF-R101/DF-H201 Rs.1050 Rs.931 11% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:5 DCGpac Transparent Packaging Tape, 1 Inch X 65 Mtr, PK123002, Pack of 12 Rs.269 Pack Quantity:12 Min. Order Quantity:5 Master Wonder BOPP Tape Rs.1841 Pack Quantity:288 Atharv BOPP Trasparent Adhesive Tape, Pack of 72 Rs.1335 Rs.1327 Pack Quantity:72 Steelgrip Self Adhesive, Black, ISI PVC Electrical Insulation Tape Rs.360 Rs.345 4% Pack Quantity:30 Min. Order Quantity:2 3M Tissue Tape Rs.1764 Rs.1569 11% Pack Quantity:5 Roll 3M Double Sided Adhesive Tape Acrylic Foam Car Auto Rs.442 Rs.414 6% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 Champion Teflon Tape, Size: 1/2 inch Rs.2520 Rs.2519 Pack Quantity:100 3M PE Foam tape Rs.1039 Rs.1038 Pack Quantity:5 Roll Atharv BOPP Trasparent Adhesive Tape, 3 Inch x 60 M, 40 Micron Rs.1701 Rs.1700 Pack Quantity:48 DCGpac Brown Packaging Tape, 2 Inch X 65 Mtr, PK63007, Pack of 6 Rs.255 Rs.254 Pack Quantity:6 Min. Order Quantity:5 DCGpac Brown Packaging Tape, 3 Inch X 50 Mtr, PK123010, Pack of 12 Rs.569 Rs.568 Pack Quantity:12 Min. Order Quantity:2 Polyfix 15 gm Instant Adhesive Glue, Pack Of 10 Pieces Rs.300 Rs.299 Pack Quantity:10 Min. Order Quantity:2 Jonson Silicon Rubber Self Amalgamating Tape, 10 M x 1 inch Rs.2457 Pack Quantity:1 Roll Fab Stick Fabric Glue Rs.8000 Rs.4719 41% Pack Quantity:1 Atharv BOPP Brown Adhesive Tape, 2 Inch x 40 M, 40 Micron Rs.2772 Rs.1272 54% Pack Quantity:72 Masco Transparent Cello Tape, 36 mm x 50 mtr Rs.7651 Rs.7650 Pack Quantity:288 Rolls Dfix Multi Purpose Epoxy Resin And Hardener, DF-R104/DF-H204 Rs.930 Rs.814 12% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:5 AERO Aluminium Foil Tape, 48 mm X 20 mtr x 150 mm Rs.241 Rs.240 Pack Quantity:3 Min. Order Quantity:2 ALLSTIK Super Glue Rs.4087 Rs.4086 Pack Quantity:1200