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What is a Dispensing Gun?

Dispensing Gun is a device that dispenses, mixes and dispenses, or mixes, meters and dispenses fluid media. Some examples include adhesives out of syringes, caulk out of caulking guns, and detergents out of a sanitation station. It also includes equipment to precisely dispense media in an accurate repetitive manner controlled by a microprocessor and/or robotic machine. Adhesive dispensing equipment can be configured in a dispense-only, mix and dispense, meter, mix and dispense or hot melt dispense applications. A dispense only unit is designed to dispense only, it does not mix, nor does it have any monitoring capabilities. This includes manual and power driven dispensing equipment. Mix and dispense units mix two or more items at a determined ratio and then dispense. Meter, mix and dispense units meter, mix and dispense items with a determined mix ratio and shot size. Hot melt dispense units melt a media from a solid form and dispense as a liquid. One example is a hot glue gun.

Various Types of Industrial Glues

There is an extensive range of glues and adhesives for both industrial and household purposes. There are epoxy applicators which are most commonly used as adhesives, coatings and fiber glass reinforcements. They are highly resistant to heat excellent mechanical properties and very good electrical insulators. They are also used in the industrial sector in the production of molds, laminates, castings, fixtures and other aids to industrial production. There is another type of adhesive which is commonly known as silicone caulk and the process is called caulking. It is typically used to close joints and gaps in the walls, floors, ceilings or anywhere in the building. They are highly water resistant and in addition to that, it also provides thermal insulation to the affected areas. It is extremely durable with one draw back which is that it is not paintable but these days people have found a solution to that too. It is available from globally renowned brands like Stanley and Cheston.

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Nexus Airflow 3-600 ml Sachet Pneumatic Caulking Gun Rs.11011 Rs.11010 Pack Quantity:1 Akfix Silicone Gun, AKT350 Rs.900 Pack Quantity:1 Akfix Plastic Foam Gun Rs.1080 Rs.1079 Pack Quantity:1 Nexus Powerflow Cartridge-310 ml C Heavy Duty Silicon Gun Rs.2121 Rs.2120 Pack Quantity:1 Hanfas Glu Man Double Roller, Size: 130 mm, H-920 Rs.9081 Rs.9080 Pack Quantity:1 Hanfas Glu Man Double Roller, Size: 200 mm, H-970 Rs.10216 Rs.10215 Pack Quantity:1 Nexus Powerflow Combi 600 ml Sausage Gun Rs.3231 Rs.3230 Pack Quantity:1 Hanfas Roller for Glu Man, Size: 200 mm, H-975 Rs.10216 Rs.10215 Pack Quantity:5 Hanfas Roller for Glu Man, Size: 130 mm, H-560 Rs.6811 Rs.6810 Pack Quantity:5 Nexus Airflow 3-310 C Dispensing Gun Rs.8628 Rs.8627 Pack Quantity:1 Nexus Jetflow-3 Cartridge 310 ml Pneumatic Caulking Gun Rs.21661 Rs.21660 Pack Quantity:1 Nexus Easipower Plus Cartridge 310 ml Electric Caulking Gun Rs.32436 Rs.32435 Pack Quantity:1 Nexus Easiflow-HD 310 ml C Silicon Gun Rs.555 Rs.554 Pack Quantity:1 NVR Steel Body Skeleton Caulking Gun Out of Stock Pack Quantity:60 Akfix Teflon Coated Foam Gun Out of Stock Pack Quantity:1 NVR Steel Body Half Round Caulking Gun Out of Stock Pack Quantity:60 Milwaukee Caulk Gun, PCG 14/300 Out of Stock Pack Quantity:1 Golden Star Korean Spray Hose, LS-22 Out of Stock Pack Quantity:1 Golden Star Korean Spray Hose, LS-30 Out of Stock Pack Quantity:1 Golden Star Korean Spray Hose, LS-18 Out of Stock Pack Quantity:1 Dashmesh Glue Dispenser, DIC/GD/01 Out of Stock Pack Quantity:1