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The Right Vehicle Lifting Tools

As the name suggests, vehicle lifting tools are meant for raising a vehicle from the ground in order to fix or remove its components. Vehicle lifting tools are important as this job does not come under complete manual labour. It is almost impossible for a person to lift a vehicle for easily working on its components; hence, these tools play a major part in the automotive industry. Some of the major vehicle lifting tools include hydraulic jacks, Bottle Jacks, car ramps, floor jacks and motorcycle jacks. These tools are mostly used to lift the vehicle and positioning it for changing a wheel. Let’s have a look at some of these tools and the uses.
Floor Jacks: Mostly used for changing the undercarriage of the car, a floor jack uses hydraulics to elevate the car above the ground. The weight of a floor jack varies depending on the weight of car they are designed to pick. In order to make the tool work, you need to place it below the car and pump its handle until the end is lifted.
Motorcycle Jacks: A motorcycle jack is used for lifting a motorcycle from the ground in order to maintain it or change the components. Some tools use compressed air, hydraulics, while some use the mixture of both. The same kind of motorcycle jack cannot be used for all the bikes. There are a variety of motorcycle jacks available for bikes with different weight, types, built and repair type. Some of these jacks can be easily moved while some stay fixed in one place.
Bottle Jacks: A compact hydraulic piston, a bottle jack is designed in the shape of a small bottle. But don’t go by its size. This vehicle lifting tool is capable of elevating very heavy objects like cars. But you must be very careful when using these small wonders to lift heavy vehicles. Some points to remember is that you must always place the bottle jack on a solid and well-levelled ground for maximum firmness, and the piston ram’s placement to the object should be very carefully done in order to save the tool or the vehicle and its components from any damage.
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