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Casio Calculators, FX- CG20
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Casio Calculators, FX- CG20

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  • Brand Name: Casio
  • Color: Blackish silver
  • Height: 24 mm
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Product Specification for Casio Calculators, FX- CG20
Brand Name Casio View all products of Casio
Color Blackish silver
Height 24 mm
Item Weight 500 g
Length 168 mm
Part Number FX- CG20
Width 100 mm
Key Features Graphical Color Display-The color display, with more than 65,000 colors (384 x 216 pixels), is capable of rendering in crisp, clear colors line, pie, and bar graphs as well as minute details such as graph gridlines and coordinate axis labels and coordinate values displayed during tracing. In addition, the display features a high-quality LCD panel that delivers excellent visibility and low power consumption and enables long run time of approximately 140 hours from four AAA alkaline batteries.
Easy-to-read Fonts-The fx-CG20 comes with smooth, easy-to-read fonts with character definition of up to 18 x 24 dots that clearly display mathematical equations and other text. Furthermore, the calculator automatically color codes brackets to facilitate the input of complex equations with multiple brackets and improve equation viewability.
Color Link-The fx-CG20 features the Color Link function, which automatically links colors specified on the spreadsheet screen with colors used in graphs to support learning of functions by enabling visual confirmation of changes in values or trends.
Single image and multiple images make learning interesting and fun-The calculator comes pre-loaded with visuals such as a single image (still image) of the curve of an arched bridge and multiple images (sequential images) of the rotation of windmill blades. The use of real-life visuals as background images for functions such as the drawing of graphs overlaid on color images makes mathematics learning a more visually familiar experience.
Graphing-Students can create a wide variety of graphs over real-life visual backgrounds.
Geometry-The use of real-life visuals makes it fun and easy to study various aspects of geometry, including the drawing of shapes, movement, and similarity relations.
Natural Input-Input expressions and arithmetic operations as they appear in written form.Natural Output-Calculation results appear in the same format as they are written.
Special Features Probability-Normal distribution, Student's t-distribution, and other often-used statistical calculations are provided in function format for easier practical application. List-based Statistics-Store a list of values in memory for use when performing function and statistical calculations, when drawing graphs, or when generating tables of numeric values. Advanced Statistics-Perform tests, confidence interval, probability distribution, and other calculations and graphing. Inequality Graphing-New support for graphing the inequality of an x=Constant graph and x=f (y) graph allows study of the area for which the x-range is defined..Financial Calculations.Depreciation.Bond calculation.Simple interest.Compound interest.Investment appraisal (cash flow).Amortization.Interest rate conversion (annual percentage rate and effective interest rate).Cost, selling price, or margin.Day or date calculationsBuilt-in Software.Spreadsheet.A multi-function spreadsheet with built-in graphing capabilities is a valuable tool for table calculation lesson exercises.E-CON2-E-CON2 provides total control over the optional EA-200 Data Analyzer.It makes it possible to measure changes in temperature, sound, or speed using the EA-200 without any troublesome settings or program input.Add-in Software.Pre-installed Software.Pre-installed add-in software comes installed on the calculator when you purchase it. You can use such software as-is, or you can delete it to free up memory.Geometry.Picture Plot.Conversion.Physium.Enhance your lesson plans by linking the calculator to various devices.Peripherals.Out-of-the-box USB Operations.The fx-CG20 has a mass storage feature that makes it easy to transmit data to a personal computer like a USB flash memory device. Program-Link software is not required. (USB cable included).System Requirements:Operating Systems: Windows® 7 (32-bit / 64-bit), Windows Vista® (32-bit), Windows® XP (32-bit), Mac OS® X (10.5.6 or later, 10.6.2 or later).Connect the calculator to a data projector and project the calculator screen.Connect the calculator to a CASIO Data Projector. Projecting graphs and equations on a large screen makes mathematics easier to teach and easier to learn.Connect the calculator to a data projector and project the calculator screen.Manager Software fx-CG Manager PLUS. FA-CG1A Ver.1.0 for Windows. fx-CG20 Calculator Emulation.Manager Software fx-CG Manager PLUS. FA-CG1A Ver.1.0 for Windows.Mimics fx-CG20 calculator operation using a computer mouse and keyboard.・Key-Log Editor.Key-Log auto play of recorded key operations.・Step playback Emulator LCD Screen Capture Screen ReceiverSystem Requirements: Operating Systems:Windows® XP Home Edition, Windows® XP Professional (32-bit), Windows Vista® (32-bit) , Windows® 7 (32-bit / 64-bit).* For Windows Vista, operation is supported for 32-bit versions only. 64-bit versions are not supported.Specications-Basic Functions.Angle unit, Angle unit conversion (Deg, Rad, Grad)Trigonometric functions, Inverse trigonometric functions.Hyperbolic functions, Inverse hyperbolic functions.Exponent functions, Logarithmic functions.Power functions (square root, cubic root, square, power, radical root).Coordinate conversion (Pol, Rec).Combination/Permutation (nCr, nPr).Factorial, Inverse, random numbers, Fractions.Logical operations.Sexagesimal ↔ Decimal conversion.Matrix calculations.Complex number calculations.Base-n calculations/conversions.List data calculations.Rounding.Display format.Unit Conversion (pre-installed software).Engineering symbol calculation.Engineering notation.Graphing.Rectangular coordinate graphing, Polar coordinate graphing.Integration graph.Parametric function graphing, Inequality graphing.Trace, Zoom (box zoom, zoom in, zoom out, auto zoom).Table and Graph.Dual Graph (table and graph, graph and graph).Sketch (tangent line, normal line, inverse function).Solve (root, minimum, maximum, intersection, integration).Dynamic graph.Conic section graph.Recursion graph.Picture Plot (pre-installed software).Calculus.Derivatives, second derivatives, integrations.Sigma feature.Statistics.List-based one-variable and two-variable statistical analysis.Statistical regression calculationsStatistical plot (scatter plot, xyLine, normal probability plot, histogram, box plot).Statistical regression graphs (linear, med-med, quadratic, cubic, quartic, logarithmic, exponential, power, sinusoidal, logistic regression)Advanced statistical calculations: tests (Z-test, t-test, χ2-test, F-test, ANOVA), intervals (Z-interval, t-interval), distributions.Pie chart.Bar graph.eActivity.eActivity creation and exploration.Other Features.Natural format equation input.Calculation history.Spreadsheet and statistical plot.Numeric equation solver, simultaneous equations, polynomial equationsFinancial calculations.Programming.Geometry (pre-installed software).Icon menu, full-screen/split-screen display.Data communication.User memory: 61,000 bytes, User Storage memory: 16 M bytes.Hardware.Dimensions H x W x D (mm) : 20.6 x 89.5 x 188.5.Approximate weigt (g) : 230 (including batteries).Power supply : Four AAA-size alkaline batteries or four nickel-metal hydride batteries.Approximate battery life (hours) : 140 (AAA-size alkaline batteries), 85 (nickel-metal hydride batteries) Assuming 5 minutes calculation and 55 minutes display per hour.Dot matrix display : 216 x 384 dots.Display capacity (characters) : 21 x 8.Internal operation digits : 5.Nested parentheses levels : 26.Data communication : 3-pin cable, USB cable.3-pin serial port.USB port.<br />
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