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Cleaning Products for a Keep Clean Initiative

Working environments require a clean workplace to drive the recruits to new energy levels. Cleaning equipments to assist staff workers, janitors at your workplaces should be considered by businesses and industries, from the best brands. Tolexo helps you with the issues relating to cleaning products. We have a range of products from paper products includingtoilet seat covers; floor care including floor cleaners and maintainersshop vacuum cleaners, large area vacuum cleaners as equipment etc., from the best sellers available online. Our brand value helps you with the most dependable quality, used for various business and industrial cleaning products online.

Cleaning Equipments at Affordable Prices

Sometimes, overhead costs to a company makes them cut on other work expenses, not related to their core activities. Tolexo understands this very well, hence, provides the best cleaning products online, with the best price guarantee throughout e-commerce platforms. In addition to the best price, our clients get a long list of products to choose from. This product line includes wet mops, squeegees and buckets; restroom equipment which has toilet paper dispensers , hand dryers, towel and wiper dispenserrecycling equipment etc. We provide this impressive list of cleaning products for our clients spanning various industries and business houses, from the most trusted brands and sellers.

Tolexo has The Best Cleaning Products Online for You

A diverse product line and a seller base exceeding 5000, Tolexo has made a mark in the market place, in India, in no time. The virtues it possess makes it even more dependable like 100% genuine products, best brands in the market including Bosch, Blue Sky etc., 30 day money back policy if our buyers are not satisfied, and to top all of these is our fast delivery service, which gives our clients the best reason to buy cleaning equipments, in bulk, from us. Hence, if it is cleaning solutions, it is Tolexo!! .
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FASA Auto Scrubber Drier Machine Rs.170430 Rs.170345 Pack Quantity:1 FASA Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner Machine Rs.24253 Rs.24240 Pack Quantity:1 Modicare Hd Floor Cleaner, HC2016 Rs.148 Rs.147 Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:4 TCI White Cotton Loop End Wet Refill, TCI-WMR-006 Rs.150 Rs.149 Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:3 SS Silverware Stainless Steel Plain Pedal Dustbin Rs.1500 Rs.794 47% Pack Quantity:1 Lyxar Pool Cleaning Delux Pentagonal Vacuum Head, LDPVH01 Rs.6900 Rs.6896 Pack Quantity:1 Coido Vacuum Car Vacuum Cleaner Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner, 6132 Rs.1599 Rs.1074 32% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:3 Months Virgo Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine, VVM 30 Rs.9238 Pack Quantity:1 Eastman 15 Ltr Vaccum Cleaner, EVC-015 Rs.14750 Rs.9748 33% Pack Quantity:1 Qubeplex Q 24 White Multifunction Ez Water Jet Gun Rs.1499 Rs.359 76% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 Karcher Steam Cleaner, SC4 EU Rs.28899 Rs.26104 9% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 year on product FASA Dry Vacuum Cleaner Machine, Silent Rs.22942 Rs.22931 Pack Quantity:1 Lavor Skyvap Max Rs.22879 Rs.21764 4% Pack Quantity:1 3M Scotch Brite Roll Rs.12474 Pack Quantity:1 Roll Karcher Manual Sweeper, S 750 EU Rs.33299 Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 year on product Karcher Steam Cleaner, SC2 EU Rs.16199 Rs.14754 8% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 year on product Dolphy Automatic Hand Dryer, DETUAMHDRY001_B Rs.4999 Rs.3398 32% Pack Quantity:1 Lavor Auto Scrubber Drier Machine Rs.55521 Rs.55493 Pack Quantity:1 Dolphy Stainless Steel Automatic Hand Dryer, D-SSHANDDRYER-001 Rs.25999 Rs.11179 57% Pack Quantity:1 TCI Aluminium Pipe Rs.241 Rs.240 Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 Lavor Wave Steam Rs.25024 Rs.23684 5% Pack Quantity:1 FASA Single Disc Floor Scrubber Machine, ODMR 45G Rs.94392 Rs.94345 Pack Quantity:1 Lyxar Pool Cleaning Golden Series 12 Wheeler Vacuum Head, LG12VH01 Rs.5764 Rs.5761 Pack Quantity:1 Auto Globalequipments Floor Polishing Machine, AGE Rs.51975 Rs.45198 13% Pack Quantity:1 Dolphy Unique Design Automatic Hand Dryer, D-LEDHANDDRYER Rs.6999 Rs.4108 41% Pack Quantity:1 Tulsi Green Open Perforated Dustbin Set Of 2 Pieces, KI-GRN-7x10, 8x12-OPD Rs.2398 Rs.1679 29% Pack Quantity:1 Aquarius Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser, 69570 Rs.5274 Rs.5168 2% Pack Quantity:1 Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner, WV 50 Plus Rs.6905 Pack Quantity:1 Kushal Glass Cleaner Rs.1325 Rs.1008 23% Pack Quantity:2 Auto Globalequipments Auto Scrubber, GT 50 Rs.173250 Pack Quantity:1 Lyxar Pool Cleaning Triangular Vacuum Head, LTVH01 Rs.5195 Rs.5192 Pack Quantity:1 Kratos Hand Dryer, KV887 Rs.6500 Rs.6174 5% Pack Quantity:1 Auto Globalequipments Carpet Extractor, ALVA 40 Rs.30937 Rs.30158 2% Pack Quantity:1 Kratos Automatic Paper Towel Dispeenser Rs.10000 Rs.9998 Pack Quantity:1 Inventa Walk Behind Sweepers, ICPL.05.035 Rs.16715 Pack Quantity:1 Astol Burnisher, BN 1500H Rs.85875 Rs.64767 24% Pack Quantity:1