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RCA cables

Transmission of analog audio and composite video signals are done through a standard cable known as a RCA cable. These cables are used to transmit signals between devices such as televisions, satellites, game consoles etc. Such communication cables come with color codes with different colors depicting different work. Typical cables have two to three colored coded connectors. In a RCA cable, two connectors are provided – red for the right stereo and black / white for the left stereo. There is also the yellow colored connector which is used for the composite video component.

RGB cable

Component video cable is also known as a RGB cable. This is another of many ways to get video signals from playback devices to your TV sets. RGB refers to the three primary colors used as coded connectors in these cables. R stands for red, G for green and B for blue. Component video is basically splitting the video signals into two or more component channels. Component video is different than a composite video in which all the video information is combined and transferred through a single line. Tolexo has a wide assortment containing the cables from quality brands and at extremely low prices.

Communication cables on Tolexo

A huge demand in the communication sector calls for an equally huge demand for communication cables. Tolexo has a wide array of electrical products like housing wires , coaxial cables , power cables , CCTV cables , HDMI cables etc. Apart from wires and cables, electrical also includes lamps and lighting, led bulb, cctv camera , video door phone , door bells , switches, power supplies, home electrical consumables etc. With over 28 categories catering to the business goods and supplies, we have more than a million SKUs to meet the supply side constraints of the growing market demands. The products we offer are 100% genuine and can be easily returned post delivery. So for all your electrical needs, trust the market leader Tolexo.