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HDMI Cable

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FALCON 15 m, HDMI Cable
FALCON 30 m, HDMI Cable
YBS Nylon HDMI Cable

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HDMI cable

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is an extremely useful interface for transferring uncompressed video data, compressed or uncompressed audio data from a source device that is HDMI compliant to a compatible device. It is a replacement for analog video standards.
A standard HDMI cable is usually composed of four shielded twisted pairs with several separate conductors. There is no specified cable length for this type of a cable but signal attenuation limits the usable lengths in practice. Tolexo offers a wide assortment of HDMI & VGA cables. These are sourced from prominent brands in the market at best prices available across various platforms for business goods and supplies. Certain HDMI cables defined are: 1. Automotive HDMI cable; 2. Standard HDMI cable; 3. Standard HDMI cable with Ethernet; 4. High speed HDMI cable etc.

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With digital medium gaining momentum in the country, products related to this genre and electrical products find a surge in demand. Buy HDMI cables, housing wires, welding cables, CCTV cables, telephone cables and VGA cables as various products amongst wires and cables. Apart from this, switches , pumps and motors , solar power equipment, CCTV Cameras, circuit breakers , LED bulbs , pipes and ducts etc. are available in the electrical categories. Tolexo has over 28 categories in business goods and supplies with over a million SKUs on offer. These products are 100% genuine with an assurance of easy return if found defective. This wide assortment of products is sourced from over 8000 products and from over 7000 sellers. Hence, for all your business and industrial needs, trust the best, trust Tolexo.