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LED Lights - Shine Brighter And Longer

Tolexo offers a wide range of lights that are available in various shapes and designs. For all sorts of home and business lighting solutions, LED Lights for home are the most popular and effective solution. Whether you want to create a soothing ambiance in your room or you want a party look for your house, LED Lighting just solves the purpose. These lights do not flicker and work without any hindrance which is not the case with the traditional sources. We offer you LED bulbs, emergency lights, LED ceiling lights, street lights, LED spotlights, and many other products as well that are sure to brighten up your house. Our products have a long life span. Apart from contributing to reduced electricity bill, these lights have a limited or no maintenance cost at all. LED lights are the non toxic source of lighting and do not emit any sort of harmful radiation like the UV lights which makes them the right product to be used in the times of global warming.

Industrial lights- For the Brightest Impression

The use of LED lights is not restricted to houses. They are equally relevant to be used in offices, hotels and other related areas. Attractive lighting designs are very popular in service industries and Tolexo offers varied range of these products for such areas where they are used in bulk. Industrial lights can be ordered online at Tolexo.com. In service industries such as hotels and restaurants, it is very important for the ambiance to look impressive. Various colors of LEDs that are used in such areas not only illuminate the area but also helps in creating the desired lighting pattern and provide an impressive look to the place. From bright red to cool white, LED bulbs and lights are available in a variety of colors. You can buy lights online from Tolexo and remain tension free as far as lighting solutions are concerned.

Tolexo Provides you With the Best Brands

Products from famous brands have a good market penetration. This fact is well taken care of at Tolexo which works quite efficiently in collaboration with various famous brands, such as - Havells Fans, Orient Fans, Usha Fans under fans segment; Finolex Cables, Havells Cables under cables category; under lighting we have: Syska LED, Philips, Big Apple Life, Panasonic, Wipro, Skyled and many more. With such an association, the effectiveness of the products cannot be doubted. We provide you with products that use the best brand names in the industry.