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Polyhydron Plunger Pump
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Piston Pump

Working on the principle of positive displacement of the liquid, piston pumps find a huge market in rural India, with eventual increase observed in urban cities as well. These pumps have wide applications that include moving liquids or compressing gases. Tolexo has a variety of plunger pumps which is a variant of piston pumps, though working on the same mechanism. They are primarily used for industrial sewage. The only difference is of a plunger and piston and also that the high pressure seal in plunger pumps is stationary. Online piston pumps are offered at our platform at the best price throughout various other e-commerce platforms.

Buy Piston Pumps from Tolexo for a Hassle Free Online Shopping Experience

Catering to the huge demand in the market for industrial and business goods in India, Tolexo has over 28 categories, with over a million products. Buy piston pumps amongst a wide variety of pumps that are offered on our platform. Apart from piston / plunger pumps, you can also buy condensate pumps, well pumps, centrifugal pumps etc. Overcoming the trust issues of customers not buying machinery and industry related tools online, Tolexo gives you 100% genuine guarantee assurance and a 30 day money return policy. To add on to customer convenience, Tolexo has a commendable dispatch time. The products on offer are sourced from the best brands and reliable sellers, thereby making online user experience seamless.