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What are Plugs and Sockets?

Sockets and Plugs are the devices which facilitate the electrically operated appliances to be connected to the main power source of a particular building. Basically, they ease the flow of electricity running through the electrical equipment and the power supply house. Moreover, they also perform one more function, that is, that sometimes they also regulate the voltage of current that is flowing through it. But, this function is available only in a few selected brands and models. Electric sockets and plugs sockets differ in their size, dimensions, voltage, current rating, shape and type of connectors. They are generally installed by electricians. They can be easily installed without any complexities with simple and basic hand tools like screwdriver and pliers. Electric Plugs and sockets are ordinarily used home electrical products . They can be very easily purchased from any nearby electric supply vendor, shop or showroom.

Various Electrical Plug Types

In today’s time, there are approximately 20 different types of electrical plugs that are commonly used across the world right now. The type of industrial plugs and sockets used in a particular country are determined by the national standards of the respective country. Basically the plugs and sockets differ in their voltage and frequency due to the difference the voltages and frequencies across the world. One is the North American standard of 120 volts at a frequency of 60 Hertz, and the other is the European standard of 220–240 volts at 50 Hertz. Moreover, the sockets and plugs can also be distinguished upon shape, size and number of electrical outlet plugs used. There can be three pin sockets which have the Earth or the grounded wire also which is basically there to provide insulation against failure and to avoid electric shocks. The wall sockets having two pin as well as three pin sockets make up to be 5 pin sockets. Moreover, for maximizing the convenience of the user, there are multi plug socket also, which have sockets all around them, mostly they have three pin socket on their head, 5 pin relay on their face, and two pin socket under them. These type of adapters are also called multiplug adapter.

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