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Push button switches are considered staple electronics in today's times but they were not so earlier. These switches revolutionized the electrical market in their own unique way over a few decades. There are several types of push button switches that are available for multifarious purposes. The basic principle behind these switches is a rather elementary mechanism which controls a part of the process or machine involved. Buttons are usually crafted from metal or plastic, and the surfaces are kept flat for repeated pushing or depression courtesy human fingers.

Biased switches are mostly used as un-biased ones need to be returned to their original state through springs. The scope of usage is vast when it comes to a push button switch. This switch can be used for calling bells, appliances, circuit boards and the like. There are several switches used in industrial applications as well where a single push triggers releases of other buttons. Color codes are often used to ensure that an individual presses the right switch in question. Though simple and apparently easy to decode, these switches play a vital role in daily functioning and are simply indispensable in the world of electronics.

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