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Relays - Keep Safety from Danger While Using Electricity

While using electricity you should be aware of the risk that may come to you in a form of danger. Relay is an electronic device that gives you protection from any danger. A relay is a firsthand protection in all kinds of machines and electrical appliances where sensors are ready to switch things on and off in a friction of a second by using magnetic switch. This switch is called Relay.

Types of Relays

There are varied types of Relays that are used in small industries or in big industries, houses, or for commercial purposes. Latching Relay, Reed Relay, Mercury-Wetted Relay, Mercury Relay, Polarized Relay, Machine Tool Relay are the common which are used for different purposes.

Relay Works for the Protection

Now the question is how does this relay works? It is very simple. Relay- an electromagnetic switch operated by small electric current that has the capacity to turn on and off to a larger electric current. In simple way you can say that it is a coil of wire which becomes a temporary magnet while electricity flows through it. In other words you can say that Relay is a kind of lever. When you switch on this tiny current, it switches on another appliance and that appliance uses a much bigger current. As it is known that many sensors are the sensitive pieces of electronic equipment which can produce only small electric current. But it is required to dive bigger pieces of apparatus that are used in bigger currents. Relay function is to cover the gap so that it can activate larger current from the small current. Thus relays are used for turning things on and off and converting small currents into larger ones.

Relay Flows through the Circuit

When power flows through the first circuit it activates the electromagnet and generates a magnetic field that attracts a contact and activates the second circuit. When the power is not flowing or switched off, a spring pulls the contact back up to its original position, switching the second circuit off again. On the left side of the circuit you will get an input circuit that is powered by a switch or a sensor of same kind. When this Relay circuit is activated, it feeds the current to an electromagnet that pulls the metal switch closed and activates the second output circuit that is on the right side. In this way the relatively small current in the input circuit activates the larger current in the output circuit such as lamp, or an electric motor.

Application of Relay and its Safety Measures

When you are dealing with electricity you must take safety measure. When you are working with it, you should take protections like contact protection and coil protection. Contact protection helps in reducing arcing in circuits using inductors. Coil protection helps in reducing flow of the voltage that is produced during switching. You must secure standard Relays with all regulatory approvals. Make sure of isolation between coil circuit and contacts.