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Name one building or structure where there are no switches! This will undoubtedly prove to be an impossible affair in the modern age. Switches are pioneering yet humble inventions that take care of all our lighting and electrical needs. Virtually no gadget or household lighting and implement runs without a switch to power it on. Switches are indispensable for every structure be it industrial, residential or commercial. Imagining a world without switches can definitely be nightmarish when you have no means of starting appliances, turning on fans and lights and even powering industrial tools and machines. You can buy switches online from a variety of brands. There are several types of electrical switches in India that cater to several kinds of requirements.

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to purchasing electric switches online along with switch accessories. Brand value is a big determiner of purchase decisions in this market segment along with the type and some unique attributes or features.

Diverse Collection Of Electrical Switches At Tolexo.Com

Tolexo.com brings you an amazing selection of accessories and switches for diverse needs. From industrial switches to power switches, bulb holders, toggle switches, modern light switches, rotary switches, CAM switches and more, Tolexo.com has all the types of switches that you want! Tolexo.com stocks products from the best brands including Mr. Safety, Anchor Switches, Orpat Switches, Gold Medal and Larsen & Toubro among countless others.

You will find several popular picks at Tolexo.com when you venture to buy electrical switches online and other accessories. These include 1 way wall switches, key ring tag switches, electrical batten holders, single pole multi sockets for cell phones, bell indicator support, five in one with shutter, double pole isolators, switches with indicators, metal boxes, cam operated rotary switches, miniature micro switches, switch reversing with off and many more. There are unlimited options available at Tolexo.com when it comes to accessories and switch varieties. These hold relevance in homes, shopping malls, retail outlets, workplaces, industrial zones, commercial buildings and more. Some other leading brands on offer at Tolexo.com include Future, Crabtree, Balson and Kaycee among numerous others.

Switches Online Shopping In India At Tolexo.Com

Tolexo.com is your best destination to purchase switches and other electronic goods online at really reasonable rates. You will find all necessary wires and cables here as well in addition to tempting LED lamps and bulbs and various other electrical products. Tolexo.com is known for its huge variety and diversity of products and brands. We ensure that you get the best quality products for your needs in this segment and work with the best companies and suppliers. We also ensure speedy and hassle free shipping of your products to various locations. You can easily track your order once it has been shipped, and we have created a user friendly mechanism in this regard.

Tolexo.com is a customer centric website and has an easy returns policy that you will adore for sure! Returning a product is not a problem anymore with our customer friendly refund policy that offers 100% money back guarantee to customers in case of undamaged and intact products. This guarantee is valid for 30 days and can be availed quite easily. We also ensure 100% genuine products at our end without you having to worry about quality and brand value. Tolexo.com is your one stop shop for a diverse range of products.
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Anchor ROMA Single Pole 1 Way Switch, 21011, Current Rating: 10 A Rs.2180 Rs.914 58% Pack Quantity:20 Certificate:ISO 9001:2008 ANCHOR Batten Lamp Holder Rs.922 Rs.610 33% Pack Quantity:20 Anchor Penta White 1 Way Modular Switch, 6 A, 1 M, Pack of 20 Rs.1000 Rs.534 46% Pack Quantity:20 Min. Order Quantity:2 Warranty:10 Year Norwood Switch, 12011 Rs.2300 Rs.1681 26% Pack Quantity:20 BEST PRICE GM 10 Amp 1 Way Switch, 1 Module, AA 1001 Rs.208 Rs.182 12% Pack Quantity:4 Min. Order Quantity:5 Warranty:10 Year on the date of Purchase Amity 63A 3 Phase Automatic Changeover Switch Rs.8919 Rs.8918 Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 Year Certificate:IS: 9001-2008 Anchor Penta Deluxe 1 Way Switch, 14111 Rs.600 Rs.444 26% Pack Quantity:30 Min. Order Quantity:2 Certificate:ISO 9001:2008 Havells 125 A 4 Pole Switch Disconnector Fuse, IHKFFF4125 Rs.7355 Rs.5216 29% Pack Quantity:1 Vihan 1 Way 6A Switch Rs.690 Rs.474 31% Pack Quantity:20 Min. Order Quantity:2 Certificate:ISI Anchor Penta White 1 Way Modular Switch, 16 A, 1 M, Pack of 10 Rs.660 Rs.546 17% Pack Quantity:10 Min. Order Quantity:3 Warranty:10 Year Anchor ROMA Single Pole 1 Way Switch With Neon, 21077, Current Rating: 20 A Rs.3720 Rs.2018 45% Pack Quantity:20 Certificate:ISO 9001:2008 Anchor Penta Combined Unit Switch Socket With 2 Fixing Holes, Current Rating: 20A, 14614 Rs.1350 Pack Quantity:10 Certificate:ISO 9001:2008 CONA 6A 1 Way Flow Switch Rs.1401 Rs.1314 6% Pack Quantity:20 Certificate:BIS Approved Anchor ROMA Single Pole Combi Power Socket for All Pins With Safety Shutter, 22070, Current Rating: 13 A Rs.2570 Rs.1401 45% Pack Quantity:10 Certificate:ISO 9001:2008 L&T 1 Pole 3 Way Multi Step Switches With Off Rs.174 Rs.165 5% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 Kellner Switch With Indicator, K 118 Rs.1886 Rs.943 50% Pack Quantity:20 Kaylite Max E-025 Switch And Socket Combined With Box, Brown Rs.600 Rs.405 32% Pack Quantity:5 Min. Order Quantity:2 Warranty:10 years Havells Combo of Murano Series 10A 1 Way Switch, Fan Regulator and 5 Pin Shuttered Socket Rs.10320 Rs.3687 64% Pack Quantity:1 Havells Switch Disconnector, SS Enclosure Rs.2404 Rs.1680 30% Pack Quantity:1 Certificate:IS:13947 (Part -3); IEC:60947-3 Anchor Rider Blank Plate Single Support Module, 47684 Rs.614 Rs.369 39% Pack Quantity:26 Min. Order Quantity:3 Certificate:ISO 9001:2008 Anchor Penta Capton 5-In-1 With Box Combined Unit Switch Socket Fuse & Indicator, 4 Fixing Holes, Current Rating: 20A Rs.1218 Rs.1050 13% Pack Quantity:6 Certificate:ISO 9001:2008 Kaylite Pride E-006 Two Way Switch, 6 Amp, Brown Rs.460 Rs.311 32% Pack Quantity:20 Min. Order Quantity:2 Warranty:10 years BEST PRICE Kaylite Vexus V-001 One Way Switch, 6 Amp Rs.620 Rs.419 32% Pack Quantity:20 Min. Order Quantity:2 Warranty:10 years Cona Style Dual Bell Push Switch Rs.802 Rs.801 Pack Quantity:10 Certificate:BIS Approved Cona Fashion Ceiling Rose Rs.587 Rs.586 Pack Quantity:20 Certificate:BIS Approved Kaylite Vexus V-005 Two Way Switch, 16 Amp Rs.1040 Rs.701 32% Pack Quantity:20 Anchor Penta Urea Range Cherry 1 Way Switch, White, 38193 Rs.400 Rs.317 20% Pack Quantity:20 Min. Order Quantity:2 Certificate:ISO 9001:2008 Cona 4 Inch Round Surface Plate Rs.678 Pack Quantity:100 Certificate:BIS Approved ASCO DP Two Way Center Off MCB Changeover Switch Rs.572 Rs.408 28% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:5 Certificate:IS: 8828-1996, IEC 898 JUVAS 320A Three Pole Neutral Switch Fuse Unit With Enclosure Rs.12852 Rs.9962 22% Pack Quantity:1 Certificate:IS: 60947-1 Nanostar 12 mm Inductive Proximity Switch, NID12-4PO Rs.239 Rs.238 Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:5 Kaylite Dimple S-006 Two Way Switch, 6 Amp Rs.460 Rs.311 32% Pack Quantity:20 Min. Order Quantity:2 Warranty:10 years Protocontrol 10-30 V DC Inductive Proximity Switch, IPS D3 OS NO M18 N Rs.2967 Rs.2966 Pack Quantity:5 Anchor Penta Urea Range Piano 1 Way Switch, White, 38069 Rs.380 Rs.343 9% Pack Quantity:20 Min. Order Quantity:2 Certificate:ISO 9001:2008 L&T 3 Position Spring Return Illuminated Push Button Actuators, EG03SJLR110A Rs.233 Rs.232 Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:5 Anchor Penta Urea Range Deluxe 2 In 1 S.S Combined With Box Switch Socket, White, 38841 Rs.425 Rs.382 10% Pack Quantity:5 Min. Order Quantity:2 Certificate:ISO 9001:2008