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What are Toggle Switches?

Toggle switches are widely used for their special attributes and properties. These switches are usually distinguished by the presence of specialized levers and handles which are also called actuators. These handles or levers help in the opening and closing of electric circuits. There are several varieties of a toggle switch available online, and several leading toggle switch manufacturers are now offering their products in the country.

Types of Toggle Switches and Their Uses

There are various kinds of toggle switches available in the market and these usually come in different sizes and styles. These are used in several commercial and industrial applications and electrical toggle switches usually come in double or single pole avatars. They can take heavy loads and can also be linked to a single or multiple terminals whenever required. When it comes to a single pole throw switch, these usually open or close a single circuit present between two terminals. A single pole double throw toggle switch links a single terminal to any one among two terminals.

A double pole single throw toggle switch possesses four terminals that connect or disconnect two terminal pairs automatically while a double pole double throw toggle switch possesses six terminals and links one pair to any one of two other pairs. There are illuminated and non illuminated varieties of these switches available online as well. Additionally, momentary and non momentary types are also available. There are four or three positional switches, waterproof switches, locking switches and miniature switches among other varieties. These switches are usually chosen on the basis of several parameters including the operation, circuitry, actuator type, bushing type and contact material. These switches are mostly used for controlling DC or AC power in several industrial, domestic and commercial applications in addition to being used in multiple electrical devices and other equipment. These come in handy at homes, factories, shopping malls and offices.

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