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What are Anchor fasteners and anchor bolts?

Have you ever wondered what holds such heavy blocks of concrete together in a building? They are these tiny-looking masonry anchors. Anchor fasteners are long bolts with threaded ends having hexagonal head to which a washer and a nut are attached. They are basically used to attach any object to the base material for which the washer and the nut aid in strengthening the joint. It is the most basic fixture which plays a very essential role in all types of projects, from an ordinary building to a complex architectural structure.

How are anchor bolts used?

Concrete anchor bolts or fasteners can be installed very easily. Drill a hole, which is slightly bigger than the fastener at the concrete or solid surface atleast 1/4” to 1/2” deep to provide a firmness to the screw which is inserted into the hole and then the washer is screwed tightly over it to firmly hold it in its place. Tighten the nut over the bolt till it clicks but it is necessary to be careful of the adequate amount of torque applied over the fastener.

How to choose an appropriate anchor bolt?

While selecting an industrial anchor, the a few things must be considered, such as ; the thickness of the surface, one must be careful for the hollow wall anchors and dry wall anchors, the weightof the object must be kept in mind, the size of the hole drilled and the minimum embedment requirements.

How is Mechanical and Chemical anchor fastener different?

Mechanical anchor fastener uses friction to firmly hold itself in place. It is directly screwed tightly into the hole drilled in the surface and is further fastened using the washer and nut. On the other hand, the Chemical anchor fastener uses an adhesive chemical to stay in place. A hole 4mm wider than the bolt is drilled and the adhesive is put in it and then the bolt is inserted into the hole.

Why buy screw anchor fastener online from Tolexo.com?

On Tolexo, you can purchase the best quality stainless steel fasteners and dropin anchors at the assured lowest prices. You can choose from a wide variety from brands like Fischer and GMC. Fischer, which is a multi-national company based out of Germany is very well renowned for its fastening products. It is almost a 70 year old family-owned manufacturing company. It is one of the leading brands globally of Anchors & Fasteners. Apart from anchor bolts , the customers can also choose from an extensive range of hand tools, power tools, electricals, adhesives, hardware, office supplies, plumbing tools, gardening tools, etc.
While installing machine anchors and fasteners, the user requires to drill holes in the concrete surfaces, which may lead to severe casualties. Thus to avoid such harms it is necessary for the user to practice certain essential safety measures. They must use safety products at all times while installing the concrete wedge anchors . They should wear the safety goggles while drilling the hole, since while drilling the concrete surface small concrete particles might fly out and enter the eye. Moreover, the drilling causes dust and airborne concrete to freely roam in the air and it can enter the mouth of the user. So it is very important for the user to cover their mouth with a safety mask to ensure that no particle enters his mouth, which if at all does then may cause throat irritation and other respiratory problems. The drillers which are used for making the holes, are very powerful and of high torques thus, it is important to ensure that proper measures are taken while using them. Appropriate gloves and shoes must be worn at the time of installation by the user. On Tolexo.com you can also buy the highly reliable safety products like safety glasses, safety gloves, safety shoes and respiratory masks from brands like Karam, Bata, ESAB, etc. We deal in 100% genuine products and work towards customer satisfaction.