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What is a Nut Bolt?

A nut is nothing but a form of a fastener which has an already metallic threaded hole in it. Nuts are almost always used along with a bolt which completes the set and has similar threads to fasten two or more parts together. The nuts and bolts are kept together by a combination of their threads' friction. In the practical usage where vibration or rotation may loosen a nut, various tools are often put to use to lock the mechanisms like, lock washers, jam nuts, nylon inserts (Nyloc nut), or slightly oval-shaped threads. The most commonly seen shape of an industrial nut is hexagonal, and this for one simple reason that the 6 sides give a good granularity of angles for a tool to approach from, but more corners would be vulnerable to being rounded off and the grip of a hex nut is optimal and requires the user to put in less energy in loosening and tightening the nut and bolt.

Types of Metal Nuts

A wide variety of machine nuts exists, from household hardware versions to specialized industry-specific designs that are engineered to meet various technical standards. Fasteners used in automotive, engineering, and industrial applications usually need to be tightened to a specific torque setting, using a torque wrench or a torque multiplier. Tee nuts are used with a threaded clamp to position and secure pieces being worked on in a workshop. The T-slot nut slides along a T-slot track, which is set in workbench or table for a router, drill press, or bandsaw. A flange nut is a nut that has a wide projecting flat rim at one end that acts as an integrated, non-spinning washer. This serves to distribute the pressure of the nut over the part being secured, reducing the chance of damage to the part and making it less likely to loosen as a result of an uneven fastening surface. A coupling nut is also known as extension nut. It is a threaded fastener for joining a threaded rod and sometimes also pipes. The outside of the fastener is usually a hex so a wrench can hold it. These are used to make up long rod assemblies from shorter lengths of rods. The acorn nut is a type of fastener which gets its name from its shape. It is a nut that has a domed top to cover the threads. This is to prevent contact with the external thread to protect the threads or protect other things the threads would rub against. In addition the dome gives a more finished appearance. It is usually made of brass, steel, stainless steel or nylon. It can also be chrome plated and given a mirror finish. It is also called cap nut.

Widest variety of Stainless Steel Nuts

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