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Vices and Clamps to Accomplish Specific Tasks of Holding the Objects

No any tools or equipments can be compared to the vises and clamps when it comes to holding something in a particular position. For instance, the task a pipe clamp can accomplish is not possible by any other tools and equipments to hold the pipe in a particular or specific position. Likewise, the function of the F Clamp or C clamp can be done only by these tools. As per the function and purpose, the designs, shapes, sizes, and strengths of the clamps and vises vary, and it is of utmost significant to make appropriate selection of vises and clamps. But the good news is that it is quite easy to find and buy vises online. Be it the Bench Vises, Machine Vises, Pipe Clamps, F-clamps, C-clamps or any other types of vises and clamps; all can be explored and bought online without facing any difficulties or hassles.

Choosing the Clamps and Vices as Per the Functions

For achieving the best or maximum results from the vises and clamps, it is essential to make right choices. If a pipe needs to be held in a particular place and position permanently or for a longer period of time, the pipe clamp would be the right choice. The F or C clamp would be of no use there. Likewise, the task performed by the bench vise cannot be done by the machine vise in a right manner. So, choosing the right type of vises and clamps is indispensable.

Products of Various Brands Available at Tolexo.com

Which are the best brands of vises and clamps? Truly speaking, it is quite a tough task to make quick decisions in this regard. Tolexo makes this job easier by stocking only the best of brands such as the Accord, Ajay, Ambitec/Ambika, Arete, Baum, BELTO, BESSEY, Clamptek, Daman, Deson, GB Tools, Groz, Hanfas, Inder, Jhalani, and many more that are highly appreciated by the consumers. The best way to clear the confusion before finalizing to buy vices online is to go through the comments of the clients and reviews of the experts. Also, the online advice of the experts can be very much helpful in choosing the trusted brands of vises and clamps.
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EXCLUSIVE Dell Bench Vice Rs.1060 Rs.749 29% Pack Quantity:1 EXCLUSIVE Tusk 3 Inch Angle Drill Press Vise, ADV01 Rs.901 Rs.900 Pack Quantity:1 EXCLUSIVE Tusk 4 Inch Drill Press Vise, DVS04 Rs.742 Rs.741 Pack Quantity:1 Tusk 1.5 Inch Clamp On Baby Vise, BVC01 Rs.352 Rs.173 50% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:5 Ajay G-Clamp Rs.467 Rs.306 34% Pack Quantity:1 Ketsy Red Drop Forged G Clamp, 507 Rs.299 Rs.127 57% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:3 Tusk 6 Inch Wood Working Vise, WW06 Rs.742 Rs.741 Pack Quantity:1 Ketsy 3 Inch Baby Vice, 781 Rs.1400 Rs.350 75% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:2 Months Tusk 5 Inch Multi Purpose Vise, MV05 Rs.2863 Rs.2862 Pack Quantity:1 Goodyear Swivel Base Steel Bench Vice Rs.2546 Rs.1999 21% Pack Quantity:1 Orcan Rear Jaw Sliding Bench Vice, Heavy Duty, Jaw Width: 125 mm Rs.5367 Rs.5256 2% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:3 years warranty against all kind of breakage & 10 years warranty against nut breakage. Clamptek Push/Pull Toggle Clamp, CH-31200 Rs.3800 Rs.3508 7% Pack Quantity:1 Stanley Maxsteel C Clamp Rs.145 Rs.130 10% Pack Quantity:1 Steel Smith VTC-Series Vertical Hold Down Action Toggle Clamp, VTC-2535-UB Rs.382 Rs.369 3% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 P-Tech Pull Action Clamp, PPAC-5-HV Rs.1548 Rs.1392 10% Pack Quantity:5 JCB Engineer's Bench Steel Vices Rs.2730 Rs.1883 31% Pack Quantity:1 Goodyear Fix Base Bench Vice Rs.2801 Rs.2594 7% Pack Quantity:1 CM 5 Inch Fixed Steel Bench Vise, JK 21 Rs.1276 Rs.970 23% Pack Quantity:1 Orcan Steel Forged Front Jaw Sliding Top Mounting Bench Vice, With Replaceable Jaws, Jaw Width: 100 mm Rs.4315 Rs.4230 1% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:One year warranty against manufacturing defects. Taparia C-Clamps Design No.185530, 1259-2 Rs.247 Rs.244 1% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 Month Deson Baby Vice Fixed Base, DS 404, 8 inch Rs.190 Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:6 Months Against Manufacturing Defects Taparia C-Clamps Design No.185530, 1263-6 Rs.608 Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 Month AJAY Bench Vice Fabricated, A-194 Rs.7560 Rs.5519 26% Pack Quantity:2 Diamond Swivel Base Bench Vice Rs.2200 Rs.1428 35% Pack Quantity:1 Tusk 0.6 kg Clamp On Baby Vise, BVC02 Rs.680 Rs.539 20% Pack Quantity:4 Pahal 10 Inch Heavy Duty G-Clamp, PI38 Rs.480 Rs.427 11% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 Clamptek Push/Pull Toggle Clamp, CH-36012M Rs.1253 Rs.1123 10% Pack Quantity:1 Ajay Pipe Vice Open Type A-139 Rs.5790 Rs.3501 39% Pack Quantity:1 Jet Malleable Steel Square Thread G Cramps Rs.142 Rs.127 10% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:5 Certificate:ISO 9001-2008 Orcan Steel Forged Front Jaw Sliding Top Mounting Bench Vice, Jaw Width: 100 mm Rs.3894 Rs.3822 1% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:One year warranty against manufacturing defects. Tusk 45.36 kg Anvil, AN100 Rs.5939 Rs.5938 Pack Quantity:1 Steel Smith VTC-Series Vertical Hold Down Action Toggle Clamp, VTC-3670-UB Rs.465 Rs.448 3% Pack Quantity:2 Min. Order Quantity:2 Pahal 2 Inch Heavy Duty G-Clamp, PI33 Rs.144 Rs.138 4% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:10 Rajhans Bench Vice Swivel Base Rs.2000 Rs.953 52% Pack Quantity:1 Ajay All Steel Bench Vice Fabricated Swivel Base A-195 Rs.2863 Rs.1745 39% Pack Quantity:1 Clamptek Push/Pull Toggle Clamp, CH-305-HM Rs.1833 Rs.1800 1% Pack Quantity:1