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Using the Best Cutting Tools for a Variety of Tasks

There are several kinds of cutting tools online that are available for diverse needs and requirements. You can take your pick from several household and industrial tools in addition to hand tools online in India. From household applications to industrial units, factories, manufacturing units and electric repair/maintenance stores, there are several segments that have a high demand for quality cutting tools. There are several types of cutting tools available for your perusal here at Tolexo.com.

Buy Top Class Cutting Tools from Leading Brands only at Tolexo.com

You will find nothing but the best cutting toolsat our online store. Our exclusive store gives you several options with regard to hand tools online in India. These include the following:
  • Metal cutting tools mostly include straight cutters which can produce sloping or straight curves and also help in cutting arches or circles. There are several electric shears that are also used along with nibblers, dovetail metal cutting tools and benders.
  • Glass cutter tools are used to craft a shallow score on a single surface of the glass piece that is to be split.Tempered glass cutters are also usedand mostly use a wheel that is made of tungsten carbide or hardened steel with a hone angle or V-shaped profile.
  • Bolt cutters are tools for cutting padlocks, chains, wire meshes and bolts. They are also used for cutting industrial and shipping container seals. These cutters possess short blades and lengthy handles with compound hinges for maximum leverage and power. These cutters come in types like angle cut, shear cut, center cut and clipper cut blades. Sizes include 12, 18, 14, 30, 24, 42 and 36 inch variations.
  • You will also find utility knives which are used for several tasks including cutting, scraping, butchering, cleaning and even in the construction industry and manufacturing units.
  • We also offer quality shaving tools including shaving roll rests, shaving tool holders, shaving tool blanks and more. You can check out scissors and several other tools in this regard.

Best Cutting Tools from Leading Brands at Tolexo.com

Tolexo.com gives you several options to choose from including popular choices like electronic super knips, soft grip and offset scissors, grass and hedge shears, flower cutters, adjustable bolt and pipe cutters, hook blades, heavy duty side cutters and jumbo nippers. You can also check out cutting tools like lockable utility knives, wire strippers and cutters, diagonal cutting pliers and scissor jacks to name just a few! Tolexo.com stocks products from brands like Eastman, Bosch, Gedore Germany, JK Tools, Swiss +Tech and many more!
Affordable and top notch cutting tools for your perusal
Tolexo.com offers 100% genuine cutting tools and implements, and you can get easy returns on products within 30 days. Our refund policy ensures 100% money back to customers within the stipulated timeline. You can also indulge in some electronic goods online shopping and count on speedy and reliable delivery of products from our end
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EXCLUSIVE Toyo Japan Oil Glass Cutter, TC-96 (Pack of 6) Rs.970 Rs.906 6% Pack Quantity:6 Toyo Japan Oil Glass Cutter Rs.220 Rs.219 Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:3 StealOdeal 10 Tool Multi-utility Swiss Knife Rs.499 Rs.102 79% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:5 EXCLUSIVE Dell Iron Jack Plane Rs.475 Rs.356 25% Pack Quantity:1 Miranda HSS-All Hard Power Hacksaw Blades Rs.2700 Rs.2258 16% Pack Quantity:10 Bipico Bimetal HSS Hacksaw Blade Rs.3060 Rs.2099 31% Pack Quantity:10 Goodyear Block Plane Rs.230 Rs.229 Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:5 Goodyear Jack Plane Rs.680 Rs.508 25% Pack Quantity:1 GBT Glass Cutter Rs.600 Rs.187 68% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:3 Diamond 10 Inch Flat Type Adjustable Hacksaw Frame, SHFF10 Rs.274 Rs.184 32% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:10 Miranda HSS-Bimetal Power Hacksaw Blades Rs.2930 Rs.1943 33% Pack Quantity:10 Thermocraft Angular Thermocol Cutter Rs.11846 Rs.11428 3% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:60 days warranty on the Transformer TOPTUL Heavy Duty Hacksaw, SAAA3013 Rs.1232 Rs.1158 6% Pack Quantity:1 BIPICO Hacksaw Blade, Hss-All Hard, Length: 300 mm Rs.4205 Rs.4177 Pack Quantity:100 Stanley Heavy Duty Utility Blade, 11-921H, Size: 19 mm/3/4 inch Rs.1409 Rs.1191 15% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 Month JCB Hacksaw Blades, 22025305, Size: 12inch Rs.12126 Rs.8929 26% Pack Quantity:1 set Jhalani 94 Hacksaw Frame Fixed Rs.225 Rs.212 5% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:5 Yamoto Heavy Duty Trimming Knife Blades (PK-100) , YMT5374330K Rs.1426 Pack Quantity:1 Stanley Mini Hacksaw, 20-807, Blade Size: 254 mm/10 inch Rs.174 Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:3 Visko 12 Inch Wooden Handle Hacksaw Frame, 236 Rs.2025 Rs.1792 11% Pack Quantity:5 Warranty:Yes Pro'skit Knife, DK-2039-B Rs.210 Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:3 Warranty:6 Months Stanley Snap-Off Knife With Dynagrip, 10-425, Size: 180 mm/7inch Rs.2700 Rs.2421 10% Pack Quantity:6 Warranty:1 Month TOPTUL Deluxe Mini Hacksaw, SAAA1527 Rs.578 Rs.510 11% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:6 Months Ketsy Silver Steel Hacksaw Frame, 512 Rs.299 Rs.170 43% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:3 Rajhans Metal Jack Planer, Size: 200 mm Rs.1000 Rs.583 41% Pack Quantity:1 Dolphin Hand Saw With Plastic Handle (Pack - 24) Rs.2608 Rs.2607 Pack Quantity:24 Stealodeal Golden Right handed Tailor Scissor Rs.499 Rs.344 31% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 Stanley 156 mm Retractable Utility Knife, 10-175 Rs.376 Rs.375 Pack Quantity:2 Min. Order Quantity:2 Warranty:1 Month Qutbi Hand Tool Iron Jack Planer, AHE502 Rs.399 Rs.271 32% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 Rajhans Hacksaw Frame With Plastic Handle Rs.650 Rs.551 15% Pack Quantity:1 Yamoto Wheel Lock Retractable Blade Trimming Knife, YMT5374540K Rs.959 Pack Quantity:1 Dell Block Plane Rs.200 Rs.170 15% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:5 JCB Lockable Utility Knife, 22025244 Rs.1016 Rs.702 30% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:6 Months Qutbi Multi Purpose 14 In 1 Function Multi Utility Swiss Knife Rs.330 Rs.268 18% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 Dolphin Hand Saw With Plastic Handle(Pack -1) Rs.166 Pack Quantity:1 Feilun Oil Wheel Glass Cutter-Pack Of 12 Rs.2200 Rs.2182 Pack Quantity:1