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Double Open End Spanner

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Double Open End Spanners : Spanners with dual usability

Double open end spanners are spanners with open U-shaped ends at each side. They are primarily used to fasten or loosen the nuts and bolts. The opening at either side of the spanner is of different size which enables the worker to turn different-sized objects using the same spanner. They are usually made up of stainless steel to avoid corrosion.

Types of Spanners Online

There is a huge variety in the different types of spanners that available online on Tolexo for buying, such as, double open end spanner, ring spanners , box spanners , L-shaped spanner , cross wheel spanner , single ended spanner and combination spanner. You can also buy double open end spanner kit which enables the worker to use it on objects of varied dimensions.

Best Quality Spanners Online

On Tolexo, we provide the buyers with the 100% genuine products and an enormous variety to choose from. Now you can save your time, energy and money by buying double open end spanners online from us with just a click at tolexo.com. We provide the best-in-class services to our customers. Apart from spanners we also deal in other hand tools like, screwdrivers , wrenches , pliers , hammers , etc.