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Garden Hand Tools

The right gardening hand tools are essential for maintaining a proper garden. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or an enthusiastic beginner, you will need gardening tools such as rakes , shovels, hoes, and pruning shears at your disposal. Now working at your garden will be a breeze with Tolexo’s extensive selection of garden equipment. We offer best quality gardening hand tools online and our range includes hand shears, adjustable rakes, pruning tools and sprinklers. Additionally, we also offer premium garden tool kits , battery operated sprayers and mist makers.

Top Gardening Tools – Equipment for Every Season

Whether you have a small garden or a big yard, there are a few gardening equipment that are essential for any gardener. One of the most versatile garden tools which is a must-have for any serious gardener is a spade. Ideal for digging soil and preparing it for planting, look for a spade that comes with a stainless steel blade which is securely attached to the handle. Another vital tool for garden maintenance is a garden rake. It helps in smoothing out planting beds and keeping the soil aerated. Opt for light-weight rakes that are made of aluminum as they are easier to work with. If you have a large yard, then a hose is indispensable for maintaining it. At Tolexo, we have both rubber and vinyl hoses as well as durable and sturdy braided hoses. Moreover, hedge cutting shears and pruning shears and hand sprayers are also necessary for maintaining a garden.

Tolexo Offers the Best Gardening Equipment

At Tolexo, we offer you the best brands of gardening tools to meet your gardening requirements. Now, order from the comfort of your home or office. We provide you with the best quality hand tools online. Our brands include Visko, SLR Garden Tools, Agro Max, Decora, KS Tools, Lawncare, Tata Agrico, Zenport and Sharpex. Whatever your gardening needs maybe, we are confident that you will find the right garden hand tools at Tolexo.
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Sharpex 66 Inch Snake Catcher Rs.2415 Rs.2281 5% Ketsy Green Water Sprayer Bottle, 744 Rs.900 Rs.265 70% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 BEST PRICE Ketsy 10 Pcs Gardening Tool Kit, 784 Rs.3500 Rs.1100 68% Pack Quantity:1 set Warranty:3 Months BEST PRICE Vimal 63 Inch Snake Catcher, SC63 Rs.2230 Rs.2100 5% Pack Quantity:1 BEST PRICE Ketsy 7 Pcs Garden Tool Kit, 577 Rs.1500 Rs.700 53% Pack Quantity:7 Warranty:15 Days Sharpex 80 Inch Extra Long Snake Catcher Rs.3245 Pack Quantity:1 Bizinto Garden Shears Pruners Scissor Gardening Cut Tools, UV_HTN_12 Rs.229 Rs.223 2% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:3 Ketsy Gardening Water Spray Gun, 571 Rs.400 Rs.239 40% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 Ketsy 5 Pcs Garden Tool Kit, 591 Rs.1200 Rs.430 64% Pack Quantity:5 Warranty:15 Days Mehta 18 inch Hedge Shear With Wooden Handle Rs.399 Rs.249 37% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:3 MAHAVIR PVC Garden Pipe Rs.790 Pack Quantity:30 Meter EXCLUSIVE Kisankraft Pressure Sprayers Rs.750 Rs.650 13% Pack Quantity:1 Agrimate -AF 2000 NT Fogging machine Rs.50400 Rs.45387 9% Pack Quantity:1 Max Green 8 Inch Roll Cut Secateur MSRC Rs.399 Rs.293 26% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 Agrimate Fogging Machine, AF 2000 NT Rs.37537 Rs.35300 5% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:6 Months Globus 5 Pcs Garden Tool Set, GT-11013-GT-5/2C Rs.750 Pack Quantity:1 Unison Wheel Hoe Rs.6560 Rs.3499 46% Pack Quantity:1 Certificate:1 x 10 Unison Straw Fork with Handle Rs.940 Rs.563 40% Pack Quantity:1 Certificate:1 x 10 Rutland Hose Tidy, RTL5234090K Rs.506 Rs.505 Pack Quantity:1 HSR Brass Nozzle Car Wash Water Gun Spray Rs.1799 Rs.714 60% Pack Quantity:1 Vimal 83 Inch Snake Catcher, SC 83 Rs.3250 Rs.3064 5% Pack Quantity:1 Unison Fogging Machine Rs.50000 Rs.40234 19% Pack Quantity:1 Decora Green Garden Braided Hoses Rs.654 Rs.610 6% Pack Quantity:30 Meter Neptune Portable Fogging Machine, FM-32 Rs.68000 Rs.41398 39% Pack Quantity:1 Harit Brass Garden Sprinkler Rs.2868 Pack Quantity:5 Neptune Thermal Handy Fogging Machine, NEP-10-H Rs.11000 Pack Quantity:1 Unison Auger Drill Type Rs.2400 Rs.1438 40% Pack Quantity:1 Certificate:1 x 10 Sharpex Hose Trolley With Pipe Rs.2940 Rs.2939 Pack Quantity:1 Vector Fog ULV Fogger Machine, VF-C100, Dimensions: 520 x 300 x 160 mm Rs.31200 Pack Quantity:1 Best Sprayer Battery Sprayer, BP-65 Rs.7500 Rs.4650 38% Pack Quantity:1 Seung-Jin Flexible Sprinkler Hose, Overall Length: 1000 mm Rs.13500 Rs.12663 6% Pack Quantity:20 Certificate:UL Listed Jagan Hardware Hose Reel Set-Complete, LG0034 Rs.3499 Pack Quantity:1 Vimal Thermal Fogging Machine Rs.43999 Rs.40949 6% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:3 Months Against Manufacturing Defects Only. Vector Fog Mini Fogger Machine, VF-BY100, Dimensions: 61 x 17.5 x 40 cm Rs.13200 Pack Quantity:1 Rutland Garden Hose Trolley, RTL5234100K Rs.3861 Pack Quantity:1 Rutland 30 M Hose Reel Set, RTL5234080K Rs.8598 Rs.8597 Pack Quantity:1