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Hand Tool Kits

Buy The Right Hand Tool Kit For Your Needs

A hand tool kit is considered very useful across diverse areas of operation and sectors including both households and commercial and industrial sectors. A top class hand tool kit can take care of several important tasks that are quite cumbersome and difficult otherwise. There are several kinds of hand tool kits that are available in the market nowadays including some pretty well-equipped hand tool kits for sale. If you are looking for hand tools online, you should definitely possess an understanding of the kind of tools that are required to be present in every kit. A hand tool is essentially a tool suited for manual operation, i.e. it is not a power tool that is operated through another power source, electrical or otherwise.

There are several varieties of hand tools that are usually present in these kits and these include pliers, spanners, rakes, garden forks, chisels, hammers and more. These tools are considered to be safer than power tools owing to their simple mode of operation. Some other tools commonly found in these kits include wrenches, cutters, striking tools, saws, knives, vises, screwdrivers, snips, drills and clamps among many others. These tools are majorly used at homes and even in commercial, business and industrial zones for multifarious purposes.

The Best Hand Tool Kit for Your Needs Online

Tolexo.com is the best bet when it comes to finding the best hand tool kit for your requirements. You can easily find an electrical tool kit here along with a quality hand tool set, home tool kit, tool kit box, hand tool case, service tool kit, engineers tool kit, industrial tool kit, tool kit with drill machine and several hand tools in India for diverse uses. Tolexo.com gives you quality products from the best and biggest brands including ATAM, Stanley tool kit, Everest, Carolus and Eastman among numerous others.

Some of the top picks in this regard include master sets, general hand tool kits, T handle sets, basic hand tool kits, general service tool kits, flashlight gift sets, garage maintenance kits, screw driver kits, electrician tool kits, home tool kits, heavy duty industrial tool kits, super maintenance breakdown kits, car service tool kits, communication tool sets, Gedore tool boxes and more. Tolexo.com specializes in meeting all your needs and requirements with aplomb and is known for its quality collections that span multiple categories and segments. When you think of tool kits, no one stands close to Tolexo.com.

Tool kits online shopping at Tolexo.com

Tolexo.com is your best repository for a quality hand tool kit in addition to several other necessities in other categories including cutting tools, power tools and a wide range of electronic components. Tolexo.com also helps you with fast and reliable shipping systems, and you can also track your order post shipping quite easily on the website. Tolexo.com also gives you a 100% genuine guarantee on all the products you purchase as these are sourced from the best brands and suppliers. You can be at ease with quality and there is a flexible refund policy in place for customers as well. The easy returns policy states that a 100% money back guarantee is given to customers on returned products within a stipulated time period of thirty days.

This benefit is only applicable in case of products that are damaged and tarnished. Tolexo.com also has a user friendly layout that helps you zero in on the products you want to buy across multiple categories. The vast collection of products for household and industrial usage is the biggest USP of Tolexo.com.
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BEST PRICE Taparia Universal Set 1001 Rs.765 Rs.721 5% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 Month Taparia Universal Set 1005 Rs.995 Rs.832 16% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 Month Ajay 9 Pcs Domestic Electrician Kit, DEK-6 Rs.825 Rs.544 34% Pack Quantity:1 Lechg 9 Pcs Basic DIY Tool Kit Rs.1499 Rs.596 60% Pack Quantity:1 Visko 11 Pcs Hand Tool Kit, 501 Rs.1000 Rs.571 42% Pack Quantity:1 set Warranty:1 Year EXCLUSIVE Mahtraco 6 Pcs General Hand Tool Kits, MTC-DU-001 Rs.650 Rs.324 50% Pack Quantity:1 Kit EXCLUSIVE Mahtraco 7 Pcs General Hand Tool Kit, MTC-DU-002 Rs.750 Rs.354 52% Pack Quantity:1 Kit BESTSELLER Bizinto 40 Pcs Smart Products Black Iron Tool Kit Rs.900 Rs.335 62% Pack Quantity:1 Ajay Home Maintenance Kit, HMK (Pack of 13) Rs.1875 Rs.1007 46% Pack Quantity:1 BEST PRICE EGK 5 Pcs General Hand Tool Kit Rs.499 Rs.189 62% Pack Quantity:1 Eastman 13 Pcs Hometool Kit, 2108 Rs.1090 Rs.740 32% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 Month Turner 25 Pcs Portable Flashlight Tool Box Set Rs.1699 Rs.944 44% Pack Quantity:1 Mahtraco 5 Pcs General Hand Tool Kit, MTC-DU-003 Rs.1100 Rs.387 64% Pack Quantity:1 Stanley 150 Pcs Master Set, 94-181 Rs.25512 Rs.20491 19% Pack Quantity:1 Multitec 18 Pcs Mini Tool Kit, MTK Rs.1550 Rs.895 42% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 Month Jackly Tyre Box Screwdriver Set, JK-6010 Rs.975 Rs.392 59% Pack Quantity:1 Stanley 42 Pcs Ultimate Tool Kit, 71-996-IN Rs.3604 Rs.2624 27% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 Month Pro'skit Master Engineers Tool Kit, 1PK-19382B Rs.54725 Rs.42881 21% Pack Quantity:1 set Stanley Tele Communication Tool Set, 89-883 Rs.12341 Rs.9299 24% Pack Quantity:1 Taparia Home Tool Kit, 1021 Rs.2420 Rs.1907 21% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 Month FERM TBM1034 Socket Tool Set Rs.7173 Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:6 months Stanley 120 Pcs Master Set, 91-931 Rs.17008 Rs.13697 19% Pack Quantity:1 GBT 35 Pcs Multipurpose Hand Tool Kit, tool_072 Rs.1000 Rs.613 38% Pack Quantity:1 Visko 50 Pcs Tool Kit, MT18529 Rs.2450 Rs.879 64% Pack Quantity:1 Goodyear Super Car Tool Kit Rs.4200 Pack Quantity:1 Pro'skit Master Network Installation Tool Kit, 1PK-938B Rs.64482 Rs.48969 24% Pack Quantity:1 set Goodyear 24 Pcs Multi Utility Car Tool Kit Rs.2200 Rs.1908 13% Pack Quantity:1 JCBL 30 Pcs Tool Kit with Tool Bag Rs.4499 Rs.2650 41% Pack Quantity:1 Yamoto Starter Mechanics Toolkit, YMT5953500K Rs.80431 Rs.73499 8% Pack Quantity:1 set Pro'skit Technician's Tool Kit, 1PK-2002B Rs.25808 Rs.19599 24% Pack Quantity:1 set Pro'skit Electrical Tool Kit, 1PK-639 Rs.6979 Rs.5299 24% Pack Quantity:1 set Pro'skit Personal Computer Tool Kit, 1PK-302NB Rs.9976 Rs.7575 24% Pack Quantity:1 set Multitech Black Color Plastic Moulded Tool Box With 9 Pieces Tools Rs.1500 Rs.763 49% Pack Quantity:1 Pro'skit Professional Electrical Tool Kit, 1PK-690B Rs.9760 Rs.7412 24% Pack Quantity:1 set JCBL 10 Pcs Tool Kit With Tool Bag Rs.2500 Rs.688 72% Pack Quantity:1 JCBL 14 Pcs Tool Kit With Tool Bag Rs.2200 Rs.635 71% Pack Quantity:1