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An oil can also called oilcan or oiler is a can that holds oil which is usually motor oil that is used as lubricants equipment. An oil can can also be used to fill oil-based lanterns. An occupation which is known as an oiler, uses an oil can as lubricant tools. Oil cans were made by companies like Noera Manufacturing Company and Perfection in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Around this time, oil cans frequently leaked and contributed to fires. In 1957, aluminum oil cans were introduced, produced by companies like the American Can Company.

Transformation of Oil Cans

Canada is home to a large scale oil can industry because of the Symons Oiler factory which produced oil cans during World War II. Oil cans come in a variety of designs, from a simple cylindrical disposable can opened with church wrenches to a hemisphere base and tapered straight spout to more intricate designs with spanners and push-buttons, to the modern plastic bottle. In 2000, the 3-In-One Oil can was redesigned to look like the early 20th century design that of a hemisphere base with tapered straight spout. On Tolexo, you can buy oil cans online from brand like GoodYear at the best prices. With over a million SKUs, and over 28 categories to choose from, Tolexo is gearing up for the increasing demand in the Indian market place. We also offer a wide assortment of office supplies online in Computer Supplies and Media, Office Machines and Calculators, Paper and Notebooks, Ink and Toner, Writing and Correction, Office Organizers etc.

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