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Screwdrivers & Nutdrivers

Buy Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers Online

We all know that screwdrivers and nut drivers are basic tools used both at home and in industries. The screwdrivers and nut drivers now come in several types and possess multiple functionalities. From industrial to electrical and construction industries, these two tools are indispensable for more than one-third of the world’s overall workforce! They are a must at homes and factories as well. With the various types available, parameters like the style of the tip and other add-ons influence purchase decisions across domestic and industrial segments.

Why is a Screwdriver Useful?

Screwdrivers are one of the most commonly used and basic tools that offer multi-pronged functionality across several activities. Screwdrivers are either used manually or powered for removing and tightening screws. A usual screwdriver usually possesses a shaft and handle and of course, the tip that is inserted into the screw head for turning the screw in question. This shaft is usually crafted from tough steel to successfully resist any bending or twisting. The tool can undergo hardening for resisting wear and tear in addition to treatment with dark tip coating for better visual contrasts. Manual screwdriver sets , usually come with interchangeable tips that can be fitted into the socket and are kept in position either magnetically or mechanically.
Hollow handles are often present on these screwdrivers and there are various kinds of tips and sizes that are available, depending upon the kind of usage preferred. Screwdrivers are usually differentiated on the basis of their tips which are in turn shaped by factors like recesses, slots, grooves and so on. Commonly used tips across the world include the Phillips style and blade-type tip for screws which are slotted.

Why Use Nut drivers?

Nutdrivers and nut setters are basic tools that help in further tightening bolts and nuts. These tools usually possess sockets affixed to a cylindrical handle and shaft and look similar to screwdrivers. A hollow shaft integrates a shank onto which a nut is required to be threaded. Low torque applications are better with these tools in place of wrenches. Nutdrivers are highly in demand in the electronics industry. There are several variations in place including those with T-shaped handles, recessed magnet sockets for holding fasteners, handles with superior grip and flex shafts.

Why Buy Screwdrivers and Nutdrivers at Tolexo.com?

You will find several types of screwdrivers and nutdrivers at Tolexo.com including a screwdriver kit, nut setters and several screwdriver types. You can buy a screwdriver set online in India in addition to bit sets . You can easily buy screwdrivers of several types here including the best screwdrivers from leading brands like Taparia Screwdrivers, Jackley, Ego screwdriver kit and Stanley screwdriver set. You will also find a Torx screwdriver set at Tolexo.com.

Why go Hand Tools Online Shopping at Tolexo.com?

You will find several kinds of hand tools available at Tolexo.com including top class screwdrivers and nut drivers. You will also find a comprehensive collection of cutting tools, power tools and industrial equipment here in addition to electrical and lighting accessories. Tolexo.com is your one stop, user friendly shopping solution with a 100% money back guarantee on undamaged products returned within 30 days as part of its refund policy. In addition to an easy returns policy, Tolexo.com also puts your mind at rest with its 100% genuine guarantee on product quality and brand name. All products are sourced from leading brands and suppliers in order to offer the best solutions to customers across multiple segments. Shipping processes are swift and reliable here as well.
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