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WERA Screwdriver
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Screwdriver - The most common hand tool

Screwdriver is the most basic and simple hand tool which can be seen being used very commonly by electricians. So what are screwdrivers? They are basically used to either tighten or loosen and remove the screws. They can be very easily operated by anyone, it does not require any technical knowledge or special skills. The user just has to take care of the shape at the end of the screwdriver and the shape at the head of the screw. They both should be exactly same, only then it will be functional and the screw would be moved. So the user has to take the screwdriver and insert the pointed end of the screwdriver which either is of blade- shaped or has cavities, it has to be inserted into the hollow cavity at the head of the screw and then just turn it in anti- clock wise direction to loosen it and clock- wise direction to tighten it. It also has a handle which is generally made up of an insulation material, which can either be plastic, rubber, silicon or wood depending upon the quality and the brand of the screwdriver. The handle enables the user to improve the grip of the screwdriver while working and to avoid any electric shocks or any other such harm.

Extensive Variety of Screwdrivers

On, you can choose from a wide range and buy screwdrivers online. There are various types of screwdrivers majorly differentiated with the differently shaped cavity. Firstly, they are distinguished on the basis of cords, screwdrivers are available either as cordless screwdrivers which are mostly single rod like screwdrivers having an insulation gripping handle and helps the user to perform basic tasks of tightening and loosening the screws. The other type is that of the with cord or electric screwdrivers which run by electricity and cords. So they can be used without the cord also, provided that the screwdriver has already been charged. The electric screwdrivers are much more efficient and time-saving. Their functionality is similar to that of a drilling machine with the only difference being that they do not make holes. The other variants depending upon the cavities are slotted screwdriver; the most commonly found screwdriver with a flat blade end with is used to drive the screws with a flat and straight cavity on its head. It may have a slotted, cross, square recessed, or combination over the head of the screw. Then there are torx screwdrivers. They have a star shaped cavity on the head of the screw. Torx screws are commonly found on automobiles, computer systems and consumer electronics. These torx screwdrivers are also known as star screwdrivers. The third category is that of a hex screwdriver which fits into a hexagonal shaped nuts or screws. It uses six- sided fastener heads and has a hexagonal recess. These are also called as hex nutdrivers.

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