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Spanners are the most common tools that are used for gripping, fastening and loosening nuts and bolts. Tolexo offers a list of good quality spanners that have adjustable jaws. We offer you products that are made from high quality steel such as chromium- vanadium. These tools are hardened and tempered to add durability factor in order to ensure that they last for a long time. These good quality spanners are drop forged and chrome plated. At Tolexo, you get to witness and buy hundreds of spanners including open-end spanners, ring spanners, flat-nut spanners etc. You can select the products as per the requirement of your job. You can buy spanners online at Tolexo.com and stay hassle free as far as shopping is concerned.

Buy Spanners Online and Remain Hassle Free

Taking out time from a busy schedule for shopping of spanners can be a tedious job. Tolexo makes the job easier. You can shop for spanners at Tolexo.com and select the products that best suit your job. Mostly, these spanners are used for loosening or tightening hexagonal bolts or nuts with flat surfaces that fit snugly into the jaws of the spanners. You can buy adjustable wrenches from Tolexo that can be used for many different sizes where a lot of torque is not required. However, if a lot of torque is required for a particular job, you can go for fixed jaw spanner that is offered by Tolexo. Since different types of jobs require the use of different tools, you can buy anything from any kind of spanners and various other products as per your necessity.

Tolexo Offers Only the Best

Since trust is the basis of all buyer-seller relationships, we at Tolexo assure that trust is maintained throughout by ensuring price transparency on our products. Understanding the importance of time, we also make it sure that the products are delivered on time right at your doorstep. We are associated with various renowned brands including Stanley, REX, Everest, Allen amongst others. With a host of sellers, our clients can expect freedom from the tiresome job of bargaining. The products are 100% efficient and use only the best in their manufacturing. Apart from various categories of spanners and wrenches, we at Tolexo also deal in various industrial goods and office supplies. We look forward to establish a long term relationship with our most valued clients.