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Spanners are the most common tools that are used for gripping, fastening and loosening nuts and bolts. Tolexo offers a list of good quality spanners that have adjustable jaws. We offer you products that are made from high quality steel such as chromium- vanadium. These tools are hardened and tempered to add durability factor in order to ensure that they last for a long time. These good quality spanners are drop forged and chrome plated. At Tolexo, you get to witness and buy hundreds of spanners including open-end spanners, ring spanners, flat-nut spanners etc. You can select the products as per the requirement of your job. You can buy spanners online at Tolexo.com and stay hassle free as far as shopping is concerned.

Buy Spanners Online and Remain Hassle Free

Taking out time from a busy schedule for shopping of spanners can be a tedious job. Tolexo makes the job easier. You can shop for spanners at Tolexo.com and select the products that best suit your job. Mostly, these spanners are used for loosening or tightening hexagonal bolts or nuts with flat surfaces that fit snugly into the jaws of the spanners. You can buy adjustable wrenches from Tolexo that can be used for many different sizes where a lot of torque is not required. However, if a lot of torque is required for a particular job, you can go for fixed jaw spanner that is offered by Tolexo. Since different types of jobs require the use of different tools, you can buy anything from any kind of spanners and various other products as per your necessity.

Tolexo Offers Only the Best

Since trust is the basis of all buyer-seller relationships, we at Tolexo assure that trust is maintained throughout by ensuring price transparency on our products. Understanding the importance of time, we also make it sure that the products are delivered on time right at your doorstep. We are associated with various renowned brands including Stanley, REX, Everest, Allen amongst others. With a host of sellers, our clients can expect freedom from the tiresome job of bargaining. The products are 100% efficient and use only the best in their manufacturing. Apart from various categories of spanners and wrenches, we at Tolexo also deal in various industrial goods and office supplies. We look forward to establish a long term relationship with our most valued clients.
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BEST PRICE Stanley 12 Pc. Double Open End Spanner Set, 70-380 Rs.727 Rs.717 1% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:Lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects BEST PRICE Stanley 23 Pcs Combination Spanner Set, 70-965E Rs.2632 Rs.1877 28% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 Month BEST PRICE Stanley 12 Pcs Shallow Offset Ring End Spanner Set, 70-395E Rs.1689 Rs.1120 33% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 Month BEST PRICE Goodyear 12 Pcs Double Open End Spanners Set, GY10084 Rs.750 Rs.576 23% Pack Quantity:1 set Warranty:6 Months Eastman 12 Pcs Tubular Box Spanner Set, E-2016 Rs.980 Rs.642 34% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 Month Stanley 8 Pcs Double Open Ended Spanner Set, 70-379E Rs.325 Rs.293 9% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 Month Stanley 12 Pcs Combination Spanner Set, 70-964E Rs.632 Rs.516 18% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 Month BEST PRICE Stanley 8 Pcs Shallow Offset Ring End Spanner Set, 70-394E Rs.758 Rs.476 37% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 Month Ajay 6 Pcs Double Ended Open Jaw Spanners Set, A-100 in Box (AJSP/6A) Rs.186 Rs.138 25% Pack Quantity:1 set BEST PRICE Ajay 8 Pcs Double Open Ended Spanner Set, A-100 (AJSP/8A) Rs.315 Rs.211 33% Pack Quantity:1 set Ajay 10 Pcs Double Ended Open Jaw Spanners Set, A-100 in Box (AJSP/10A) Rs.525 Rs.343 34% Pack Quantity:1 set Ajay 8 Pcs Double Open End Jaw Spanners Set A-100, AJSP/8A Rs.350 Rs.236 32% Pack Quantity:1 set Ajay 6 Pcs Combination Spanner Set, AJCS/6M Rs.244 Rs.153 37% Pack Quantity:1 set EXCLUSIVE Goodyear 8 Pcs Double Open End Spanner Set, GY10594 Rs.510 Rs.509 Pack Quantity:1 set Warranty:6 Months Eastman T-Handle Socket Wrench Set Rs.995 Rs.651 34% Pack Quantity:1 Ketsy 8 Pcs Steel Double Open End Spanner Set, 506 Rs.399 Rs.274 31% Pack Quantity:1 ABS 12 Pcs Combination Spanner Set Rs.650 Rs.301 53% Pack Quantity:1 Relief 8 Pcs Double Open End Spanner Set Rs.750 Rs.261 65% Pack Quantity:1 Set Kaysons 12 Pcs Elliptical Type Combination Spanner Set, Kaysons-50 Rs.800 Rs.421 47% Pack Quantity:1 Set Taparia Ring Spanners Sets 8 Pieces,1808 Rs.600 Rs.563 6% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 Month Jhalani Tubular Box Spanner 9x10 Rs.440 Rs.349 20% Pack Quantity:10 Min. Order Quantity:3 Eastman Double Open Ended Heavy Duty Spanner, E-2001 Rs.160 Rs.134 16% Pack Quantity:10 Min. Order Quantity:5 Taparia Double Open End Spanner Sets 6 Pieces, DEP 06 Rs.162 Rs.143 11% Pack Quantity:1 set Warranty:3 Years guarantee on any manufacturing defects Pro'skit VDE 1000V Insulated Single Box End Wrench, HW-V208B Rs.2152 Rs.1971 8% Pack Quantity:1 Taparia 12 Pcs Ring Spanners Set, 1812 Rs.1430 Rs.1325 7% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:6 Months Stanley 6 Point T-Handle Socket Rs.424 Rs.358 15% Pack Quantity:1 Taparia 8 Pcs Double Open End Spanner Set, DEP 08 Rs.265 Pack Quantity:1 JCBL Combination Spanner Set Of 12 In Black Vertical Plastic Hanger Rs.540 Pack Quantity:1 EXCLUSIVE TATA AGRICO Ring Spanner Rs.420 Pack Quantity:10 Stanley Combination Spanner Set, 70-962 Rs.408 Rs.382 6% Pack Quantity:1 set Asmaa Mini Goti Series T-Type Socket Spanner Rs.96 Pack Quantity:1 Eastman Tubular Box Spanner - Heavy Duty - Chrome Plated, Kit Roll Packing 6 Pcs. Set, E-2016 Rs.260 Rs.195 25% Pack Quantity:1 Eastman Bi Hexagonal Ring Spanner (Shallow Offset), E-2007 Rs.340 Rs.245 27% Pack Quantity:5 Imported 5 Pcs T Spanner Set Rs.599 Rs.555 7% Pack Quantity:1 Ajay T-Socket Spanner Rs.148 Rs.116 21% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:5 Belto 7 Pcs Ratchet Wrench Set, BRWR-7 Rs.1830 Rs.1749 4% Pack Quantity:1 set