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Hardware Products: Make Your Interiors Impressive

Hardware products, usually considered to be secondary to the aesthetic value of the interiors, has come a long way to overcome that myth. To complete these interior requirements, lucrative hardware supplies have to be chosen. Tolexo has helped to overcome that requirement deficit prevalent in the market. The best quality, finished hardware supplies comprising locks, door hardware and drawer & cabinet products are available online. These groups comprise a large subgroup to give the best solution for over all requirements and needs. Tolexo offers variety of locks like sliding door locks, padlocks, cabinet locks etc. You can buy hardware online from Tolexo, with a large number of products in various subgroups, to select from.

Hardware Supplies to Offer You the Best Fittings

With an interior of an establishment to be considered as one with all the necessities, hardware products has one of the main roles to play. Hardware supplies like glass hardware, braces and other related products, Tolexo has provided a suitable array of products to buy hardware online. It has given the best fittings and the most viable solutions by providing various types of glass door handles, shelf brackets and hooks of the best and most trusted brands, to choose from. Businesses and industries can buy hardware online now, with an ease of access, from the most trusted platform, Tolexo.

Easy to Find Hardware on Tolexo.com

Establishing a niche in this vertical, Tolexo has managed to provide its huge base of businesses and industries, with easy access to the best hardware supplies from brands like Godrej, Harrison, Larsen and Toubro etc. With a 100% genuine product line, Tolexo.com offers the hardware for various utilities. Buying hardware online has never been easy, with Tolexo providing a swift and doorstep delivery of its products and 30 days money back guarantee on return of the order, unless it is found to be damaged. Making it easy to buy business and industrial goods, Tolexo provides, its more than 5000 sellers, with a large number of potential bulk buyers.
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Godrej, Floor Spring D100 Rs.5963 Pack Quantity:1 Godrej, 6 Lever Mortise Lock Oliver, Code: 8082 Rs.9000 Pack Quantity:5 Godrej Door Closer C071 Rs.6722 Pack Quantity:5 Mexx S.S. Hinges, 48-013 Rs.2328 Pack Quantity:5 Godrej, Floor Spring D80 Rs.4247 Pack Quantity:1 Shine Everest Mortise Door Lock, 1009 Rs.1899 Rs.1165 38% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:2 Years Against Manufacturing Defects Universal Hydraulic Door Closer Rs.1159 Rs.1158 Pack Quantity:1 Godrej, 90mm, Stainless Steel, Disc Padlock, Duralock, 8228 Rs.9000 Pack Quantity:5 Godrej, Cam Lock Rs.5250 Rs.5063 3% Pack Quantity:30 Design Elite Door Closer SS Rs.1654 Pack Quantity:6 Crompton Greaves 90 W LED Streetlight Luminaire, LSTO-90-CDL Rs.34050 Rs.15048 55% Pack Quantity:1 TVT 16 Channel DVR Rs.21318 Rs.21316 Pack Quantity:1 Godrej, 6 Lever Mortise Lock Victoria, Code: 8084 Rs.8860 Rs.8859 Pack Quantity:5 Godrej, 65 mm, Cold Rolled Brass, Rekeyable Padlock, 3292 Rs.7369 Pack Quantity:10 Godrej, Gloria Door Handle Set, 8219 Rs.6244 Pack Quantity:2 Godrej, 6 Lever Mortise Lock Matiz, Code: 8083 Rs.9000 Pack Quantity:5 Godrej, Baby Latch With Venus Handle Set, Code: 9102-Satin Finish Rs.7397 Pack Quantity:5 Godrej, NEH-01 Door Handle Set, Code: 7514-1CK Rs.4939 Pack Quantity:2 Harrison Centre Shutter Lock, HM0087 Rs.890 Rs.889 Pack Quantity:1 Godrej, 3KS Pentabolt 2C-Satin Nickel, Inside, Code: 8157 Rs.8207 Pack Quantity:1 Godrej | Door Closer | C102 Rs.9310 Rs.9309 Pack Quantity:5 Kodia Mortice Lock Set, 4 Rs.1859 Rs.887 52% Pack Quantity:1 Dortel Folding Bracket, Brown Rs.346 Rs.331 4% Pack Quantity:1 Shine Everest Mortise Door Lock, 1001 Rs.1899 Rs.1165 38% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:2 Years Against Manufacturing Defects Godrej, Pentabolt 2C-Antique Finish, Deadbolt, Code: 8159 Rs.8499 Rs.8207 3% Pack Quantity:1 Godrej, Ultra Tribolt 2C-Satin Nickel, Deadbolt, Code: 8131 Rs.7077 Rs.7076 Pack Quantity:2 Alloytek Leon Rs.1395 Pack Quantity:1 Godrej, Ultra Tribolt 1CK-Satin Nickel, Deadbolt Inside, Code: 8128 Rs.6200 Rs.6176 Pack Quantity:2 Godrej, Legend Chrome 4 Lever Set, Code: 9161 Rs.6722 Pack Quantity:5 Godrej, 6 Lever Diana Handle Set, Code: 8170 Rs.8250 Pack Quantity:5 Mexx Lacour S.L. Fancy Tower Bolt, 22-009 Rs.19309 Rs.19308 Pack Quantity:5 Tens Cylinder Door Lock Rs.458 Pack Quantity:1 Godrej, Ultra Twinbolt 1CK-Satin Nickel, Outside, Code: 8270 Rs.4850 Rs.4714 2% Pack Quantity:2 Mexx Anti Brass L Hinges, 49-017 Rs.2251 Rs.2250 Pack Quantity:5 Sleek-O-Matic Door Closer Rs.1449 Pack Quantity:10 Warranty:1 Year SHINE EVEREST Hydrolic Door Closer Rs.557 Pack Quantity:1