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Door handle: Get the best modular designs

Door handles are used to manually open or close a door. They can be in the form of fixed or lever operated latch devices. Tolexo offers a wide range of high quality, modular design for a door handle . These are generally made up of brass, porcelain, cut glass door handle, and wood handles among others. The location of the door handle varies according to the place of application like residential places, industrial or business houses. These are also differentiated according to the D type or H type variations in their style. We offer this range from prominent brands like Godrej, Harrison, Stanley and many more.

Door handles on Tolexo

Growing up to become India’s largest online market place, Tolexo has over 28 categories in business supplies and goods. This includes hardware products like door handles, door handle locks, door holders , gate hooks , glass hardware, and other hardware supplies. This wide range of goods and supplies has been sourced from over 8000 brands and 7000 sellers. Our products are 100% genuine and come with 15 days money back guarantee without hassles. Our clients get an ultimate shopping experience on our platform with door step delivery and a 24 hour dispatch surety. Hence, if it’s business goods and supplies, it should be from Tolexo.