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Door Locks: The link to safety

Considering the safety aspect nowadays, there are a lot of concerns surrounding safety at work place, not only in-house but also to safeguard the premises at non working hours. Keeping this in view, there is an increasing demand of safety equipment. Notwithstanding the increasing demand of modern digital appliances, door locks are still the first option when it comes to safeguarding your premises. Locks are of various designs and sizes depending up on its usage. Business and industrial places require big and higher lever locks as compared to households, which need smaller door locks comparatively.

Door locks of premium brands at low prices

Tolexo is offering a wide range of door locks and door knobs with various sizes and designs. There is a wide variety of door knob Locksets, deadbolt locks, mortise locks, shutter locks and cabinet locks among other categories. The wide varieties of lock are sourced on our platform from prominent brands like Godrej, Harrison, Link, Stanley and many more. Moreover, we offer this range at extremely low prices as compared to other e-commerce platforms.

Buy door locks from Tolexo

Giving the industry, the required supply, Tolexo is making buying and selling an easy affair for the Indian market players. Locks are among one of the best selling product in hardware category that sell on our platform. Hardware also includes braces and brackets, drawer and cabinet hardware, hardware supplies, glass hardware. Apart from this category, we offer other business supplies which include safety equipment, bathroom accessories, plumbing solutions,drilling machine, cctv camera, spy camera, LED lights , test and measure equipment, medical supplies among others. Keeping the demand supply gap fulfilled, the stock unit has surpassed a million SKUs which have been assisted by over 5000 reliable suppliers. Tolexo has over 7500 prominent brands and assure 100% genuine products and 15 day money back guarantee to its huge client base. Hence, we are known as the leading market place for business and industrial supplies.
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Godrej, 6 Lever Mortise Lock Oliver, Code: 8082 Rs.9000 Pack Quantity:5 Shine Everest Mortise Door Lock, 1009 Rs.1899 Rs.1165 38% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:2 Years Against Manufacturing Defects Godrej, 90mm, Stainless Steel, Disc Padlock, Duralock, 8228 Rs.9000 Pack Quantity:5 Godrej, 6 Lever Mortise Lock Victoria, Code: 8084 Rs.8860 Rs.8859 Pack Quantity:5 Godrej, 65 mm, Cold Rolled Brass, Rekeyable Padlock, 3292 Rs.7369 Pack Quantity:10 Harrison Centre Shutter Lock, HM0087 Rs.890 Rs.889 Pack Quantity:1 Godrej, 6 Lever Mortise Lock Matiz, Code: 8083 Rs.9000 Pack Quantity:5 Kodia Mortice Lock Set, 4 Rs.1859 Rs.887 52% Pack Quantity:1 Godrej, 3KS Pentabolt 2C-Satin Nickel, Inside, Code: 8157 Rs.8207 Pack Quantity:1 Shine Everest Mortise Door Lock, 1001 Rs.1899 Rs.1165 38% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:2 Years Against Manufacturing Defects Godrej, Pentabolt 2C-Antique Finish, Deadbolt, Code: 8159 Rs.8499 Rs.8207 3% Pack Quantity:1 Alloytek Leon Rs.1395 Pack Quantity:1 Godrej, Ultra Tribolt 2C-Satin Nickel, Deadbolt, Code: 8131 Rs.7077 Rs.7076 Pack Quantity:2 Godrej, Ultra Tribolt 1CK-Satin Nickel, Deadbolt Inside, Code: 8128 Rs.6200 Rs.6176 Pack Quantity:2 Godrej, Legend Chrome 4 Lever Set, Code: 9161 Rs.6722 Pack Quantity:5 Tens Cylinder Door Lock Rs.458 Pack Quantity:1 Godrej, Ultra Twinbolt 1CK-Satin Nickel, Outside, Code: 8270 Rs.4850 Rs.4714 2% Pack Quantity:2 Spider Glass Door Lock Semi Circle With 3 Brass Wave Keys, GDL01 Rs.1100 Rs.1021 7% Pack Quantity:1 Kodia Door Lock Double Turn 2 in 1 Rs.1826 Rs.872 52% Pack Quantity:2 Godrej, 50 mm, Brass, Rekeyable Padlock, 7673 Rs.5300 Pack Quantity:10 Godrej, 200 mm, Steel handle Grip, Rekeyable Padlock, 5091 Rs.8000 Pack Quantity:10 Godrej, Ultra Tribolt 1CK-Satin Nickel, Outside, Code: 8127 Rs.6200 Rs.6176 Pack Quantity:2 Kodia Pin Cylinderical Mortice Lock Both Side Key, Mild Steel, CY112D Rs.2702 Rs.1289 52% Pack Quantity:1 Godrej, 70 mm, Brass, Rekeyable Padlock, 7675 Rs.9675 Pack Quantity:10 Godrej, 60 mm, Rekeyable Padlock, 3343 Rs.13664 Rs.13663 Pack Quantity:1 Godrej, Pentabolt 1CK-Satin Nickel, Outside, Code: 9409 Rs.7645 Rs.7644 Pack Quantity:1 Godrej, Ultra Tribolt 2C-Satin Nickel, Inside, Code: 8130 Rs.7077 Rs.7076 Pack Quantity:2 Godrej, 62 mm, Rekeyable Padlock, 3327 Rs.11245 Rs.11244 Pack Quantity:1 Godrej, Ultra Sherlock Rs.7313 Pack Quantity:5 Zaha Night Latch, ZHSS-001 (outside) Rs.1876 Rs.1589 15% Pack Quantity:1 Shine Everest Mortise Door Lock, 601 Rs.1799 Rs.1006 44% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:2 Years Against Manufacturing Defects Servo 90 mm Stainless Steel Disc Pad Lock Rs.2415 Pack Quantity:4 Tublar Cylinder Lock With Ultra Brass Key Rs.574 Rs.573 Pack Quantity:1 Zaha Cylindrical Lock, ZHTL-004 Rs.1396 Rs.1196 14% Pack Quantity:1 Kodia Mortice Lock Double Turn, Bolt 2T Rs.1404 Rs.670 52% Pack Quantity:2 Kodia Multipurpose Drawer Lock Ultra Key, Zinc Rs.600 Pack Quantity:4