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Material Handling

Material Handling: Handled Best at Tolexo

Handled with care and swiftly at your workplace, for making your daily material handling equipment an easy availability, Tolexo gives you the out of the box solution. Material handling system has been required at workplaces with increasing need to make time taking work - an effortless endeavor. This calls for a better supply chain to your work place. Tolexo offers slings; stretch wrap and stretch wrap equipments and films; storage bins and containers which have storage trays, hang and stack bins; material lifts; lifting hardware, etc., to give your workplace the much needed efficient and useful inventory. These products come to you from the best brands and with best price guarantee.

Material Handling Equipment: Best Buy at Tolexo

To provide efficiency and the assistance to speed up your work, Tolexo has proved to be a big game changer in material handling system, in India. Material handling equipment has to be of the best quality since making your work effortless has to come from the finest quality of products. Presenting a whole range of equipments including hoists and trolleys which includes manual chain hoists; forklift and forklift attachments which includes fork mounted brush sweepers; casters and wheels; cartons and mailers etc., there is everything related to material handling at your workplace. This inventory fill up is done by an efficient chain of best brands and sellers.

Tolexo has The Best Material Handling System

It's not just one vertical that is handled by Tolexo, but a multitude of verticals simultaneously. This makes it the best marketplace with boasting virtues like quick delivery service, easy money back policy, 100% genuine product guarantee. A visitor count of more than a million every month, businesses and industries love to buy and sellers love to sell on Tolexo. Best brands like Bajaj, Syska, Havells, Finolex, Bosch, Citizen, Orient, Sterling, etc., you shouldn’t hesitate when it comes to bulk buying online.
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Conair Chain Pulley Block Rs.5062 Rs.3881 23% Pack Quantity:1 Alkon Modular System, AMS-6L Rs.3515 Rs.3514 Pack Quantity:1 Indes Triple Spur Gear Chain Pulley Block Rs.12800 Pack Quantity:1 SS Stainless Steel Trolley Rs.20250 Pack Quantity:1 Rexello Manual Trolly, PLAT/S/9060/TRLY Rs.8866 Pack Quantity:1 Electromark Material Handling Bin SB-3 Rs.389 Rs.324 16% Pack Quantity:2 Hercules 22 Kg Chain Pulley Block Rs.11587 Rs.11586 Pack Quantity:1 Electromark Material Handling Bin SB-2 Rs.394 Pack Quantity:5 Alkon Modular System, AMS-4L Rs.3267 Pack Quantity:1 Electromark Material Handling Bin SB-1 Rs.579 Rs.576 Pack Quantity:10 Electromark Material Handling Bin SB-5 Rs.409 Rs.408 Pack Quantity:1 ALLESPACK Pneumatic Carton Stapler Rs.32400 Pack Quantity:1 Electromark Material Handling Bin SB-6 Rs.372 Rs.371 Pack Quantity:1 Alkon Modular System, AMS-3L Rs.3059 Pack Quantity:1 BeA 71/16-436 LN Long Nose Pneumatic Tacker, 12000074, Leg Length: 6-16 mm, Capacity: 190 per piece, Fastener Type: 71 Rs.50700 Rs.49617 2% Pack Quantity:1 Kaymo Hand Tacker, ECO-HT2310ME Rs.1000 Pack Quantity:1 Certificate:ISO 9000-2008 Kennedy Hydraulic Trolley Jack.KEN5036360K,3 ton Rs.15422 Rs.15421 Pack Quantity:1 Electromark Material Handling Bin SB-4 Rs.389 Rs.351 9% Pack Quantity:1 Kennedy Low Profile Service Jack,KEN5036520K Rs.9159 Rs.9158 Pack Quantity:1 Kaymo Hand Tacker, ECO-HT2310PL Rs.700 Rs.699 Pack Quantity:1 Certificate:ISO 9000-2008 BeA 380/16-420 Standard Pneumatic Stapler, 12000063, Leg Length: 6-16 mm, Capacity: 157 per piece, Fastener Type: 80/380 Rs.29900 Rs.29260 2% Pack Quantity:1 Elisha 1 Rolls Stretch Film Rs.1063 Rs.1043 1% Pack Quantity:1 Roll Rexello Manual Trolly, PLAT/D/9060/TRLY Rs.10442 Rs.10441 Pack Quantity:1 Angel Cooler Caster Wheels Rs.199 Rs.198 Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:3 Sevena Csi Continus Band Sealer, CS 3HVP Rs.30327 Rs.30326 Pack Quantity:1 Shreesai Component Bin Rs.340 Rs.306 10% Pack Quantity:1 Sk3 Big Bin Rs.2784 Rs.2783 Pack Quantity:1 BeA 380/08 NK Stapler Pin Pneumatic Tacker, 10000736, Leg Length: 8 mm, Crown Length: 13 mm, Fits Wire Size: 0.91mmx0.70mm Rs.7071 Rs.6095 13% Pack Quantity:168 Mille (168000 Pieces) Hercules 36 Kg Chain Pulley Block Rs.23416 Rs.23415 Pack Quantity:1 Hercules 31 Kg Chain Pulley Block Rs.14712 Rs.14711 Pack Quantity:1 IHP Strapping Machine, HL8020 T Rs.45045 Pack Quantity:1 IHP Semi Automatic Strapping Machine, PW 316 H Rs.63525 Pack Quantity:1 Kennedy Low Profile Trolley Jack,KEN5036530K Rs.20631 Rs.20630 Pack Quantity:1 Kennedy 2 Stage Heavy Duty Air Jack,KEN5037120K Rs.137408 Rs.137407 Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:6 Months IHP Semi Automatic Strapping Machine, PW 316 L Rs.63525 Pack Quantity:1 HOD Trolley, H-TROLLEY Rs.20148 Pack Quantity:1