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Medical Supplies
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Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies to Help You Stay Fit and Fine

With injuries and health issues being a part of life, one needs to find the best way to handle it. A large number of work places and hospitals, looking for the easiest way to get the best possible medical equipment online, from Tolexo. A large category of products from bandages and dressings to medical consumables and rehab aids, Tolexo has a lot to offer to tend to various business and hospital requirements. With accurate and reliable medical equipments like lancets, medical bags, x-ray machines, swabs etc., the seller as well as the buyer finds it best and safe to deal in bulk orders with Tolexo.

Medical Equipments: Trust with Tolexo

When it comes to medical equipments, one has to consider the safety aspect related to it, especially when one is struggling with fatal injuries. The best reliable brands to source from, Tolexo gives its buyers a large number of medical supplies. With a huge product base ranging from medical clothing, dental care, orthopedics to medical utensils and gynecology and infant care, medical equipment has never had such a reliable and scalable platform. With accountability as a major factor in medical equipments online, Tolexo provides orthopedic braces and footwear, baby incubators, hospital towels and medical gloves and gowns, among other valuable medical products online.

Medic Aid at your Doorstep at Tolexo.com

Tolexo offers the most promising and secure delivery to your doorstep, when it comes to medical supplies. With a 100% genuine product line, medical equipment has no better platform among e-commerce players. Establishing a good industrial network as its clientele, Tolexo has over 7500 brands to choose from with Accu-Chek, Hicks, Dr Morepen etc., being the most recognized from amongst them. So do not be casual when it comes to buying medical equipments, go for the safest and sure, i.e. Tolexo.
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VSA Semi Fowler Bed, 14008 Rs.8355 Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 VSA Semi Fowler Bed, 14011 Rs.7089 Rs.5944 16% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 VSA Fowler Position Bed with ABS panels, 14006 Rs.12153 Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:2 Allisco Hospital Semi Fowler Bed, SAS-309 Rs.10710 Rs.9020 15% Pack Quantity:1 Floton BIPAP Machine Rs.86625 Pack Quantity:1 Equinox Low Risk Mattress Rs.4990 Rs.3101 37% Pack Quantity:1 VSA Fowler Position Bed, 14006 Rs.9115 Rs.9114 Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:2 VSA Semi Fowler Bed with ABS panels, 14010 Rs.11140 Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 Allisco Deluxe Series Hospital Fowler Bed, SAS-307 Rs.9450 Pack Quantity:1 AOMA ICU Bed, AI 5015 Rs.35200 Rs.35199 Pack Quantity:1 VSA Hospital bed, 14012 Rs.5064 Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:2 NST SS Full Fowler Bed Panel, NST-06 Rs.21203 Rs.17136 19% Pack Quantity:1 Duckback Water Bed Rs.3988 Rs.2846 28% Pack Quantity:1 VSA Fowler Position Bed, 14007 Rs.8608 Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:2 NST ICU Electric Bed with Collapsible Railing, NST-04 Rs.111069 Rs.82965 25% Pack Quantity:1 NST ABS Full Fowler Bed Panel, NST-05 Rs.24757 Rs.18194 26% Pack Quantity:1 VSA Hospital bed, 14014 Rs.5064 Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:2 VSA Examination Couch, 14019 Rs.13166 Rs.13165 Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:2 DNS Deluxe Hospital Fowler Bed With SS Bows, DNS -307 Rs.10263 Pack Quantity:1 Infi Water Bed Rs.2450 Rs.1823 25% Pack Quantity:1 Infi Water Bed Mattress Rs.2950 Rs.1769 40% Pack Quantity:1 Allisco General Hospital Fowler Bed, SAS-308 Rs.9450 Pack Quantity:1 AOMA ICU Bed, AI 5011 Rs.92000 Rs.77280 16% Pack Quantity:1 Apex Air Mattress, Apex-825 Rs.3500 Pack Quantity:1 DNS Hospital Fowler Bed with ABS Panels, DNS -306 Rs.13886 Rs.13879 Pack Quantity:1 Truchek Compressor Nebulizer, SY-N8001 Rs.2900 Rs.1827 37% Pack Quantity:1 Allisco Deluxe Series Hospital Semi Fowler Bed, SAS-310 Rs.8190 Pack Quantity:1 NST ICU Mechanical Bed Panel, NST-01 Rs.44928 Rs.33576 25% Pack Quantity:1 ASI ABS Panels & Side Railings ICU Bed Mechanical, ASI-107 Rs.45360 Rs.31996 29% Pack Quantity:1 PSI Circumcision/ Plastibell Device Rs.2871 Rs.2844 Pack Quantity:100 ASI Hospital Mattress Bed with 2 Part, ASI-256 Rs.5292 Rs.3614 31% Pack Quantity:1 NST Mattress 2 Fold, NST-14B Rs.5030 Rs.3526 29% Pack Quantity:1 NST SS Semi Fowler Bed, NST-07 Rs.19106 Rs.9475 50% Pack Quantity:1 NST ABS Semi Fowler Bed, NST-08 Rs.21892 Rs.11550 47% Pack Quantity:1 NST Attendant Bed Plane with Mattress, NST-12 B Rs.13436 Rs.7911 41% Pack Quantity:1 NST Hospital Type Semi Fowler Bed, NST-09 Rs.13826 Rs.8530 38% Pack Quantity:1