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Toner cartridge

The consumable component of a laser printer is called as a toner cartridge or laser toner. It consists of toner powder, mixture of plastic particles with carbon or some different coloring agent that will actually make the image on the paper. The electro statically charged drum unit is provided to transfer the toner to paper. In addition, toner is fused on the paper by heated rollers on printing paper.

Ink cartridge

An ink cartridge , on the other hand, is used for printing by an inkjet printer. A cartridge takes up to about 400 to 1000 years to decompose. Apparently, most modern inkjets carry a black cartridge for text. Tolexo has a large assortment of ink and printer cartridges on its platform of various famous brands like Epson, HP, Samsung, Toshiba etc. This wide range is available at the best price throughout various platforms.

Ink and toner on Tolexo

Tolexo is the largest platform for industrial goods, industrial products and supplies with a large number of categories with the widest assortment of SKUs. Inks and toners are a sub category in office supplies other than binders and clipboards, paper and notebooks, office machines and calculators etc. We offer a wide range of categories like cctv camera , hand tools, power tools, safety shoes, a class="a-info" href="http://www.tolexo.com/safety/eye-protection/safety-goggles.html "> safety goggles , from over 8000 brands and over 7000 sellers across India. Every product on our platform comes with a 100% genuine guarantee and an easy return policy. Hence, we have a huge client base for business and industrial goods.