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Laser Pointers

When you are presenting your work in a large conference room on a wide screen and huge audience paying attention to you, it becomes difficult to point out the subjects of emphasis. Just like a mouse pointer you need something to be moved over the projector screen to ease the explanation. This is where laser pointers come to work.
Laser pointer is a pen shaped small handheld device emitting a very narrow low powered laser beam of visible light, operating with a power source. The main purpose of the laser pointer is to highlight the matter of interest by illuminating it with a small dot of coloured light. Laser pointers constitute as a potential signalling tool even in the bright day light and it can be routinely carried in the emergency kit as well.

More about Laser Pointers!

It is unbelievable that a simple laser pointer can be used for so many different purposes. Laser pointers come in various colours and strengths to suit different needs of the users. Laser pointers are used in building and designing projects. Laser pointers are majorly used for large presentations in schools, colleges and offices. People can use laser pointers to play with animals and to put up laser light shows. Different types of laser pointers are used for different activities. For fun and recreational activities, red and green lasers are the common ones. The strength of the laser beams are measured in mili watts. The ‘mW’ ratings decide the output range or power of the laser pointer. It is to be remembered that output strength of above 5 mW is considered to be harmful. Red and green laser pointers are low in strength and less expensive compared to violet, blue and rare yellow laser beams. Green laser pointers are brighter than the red ones and the entire beam of green is visible whereas red laser beam fades away in the unclean atmosphere making only the red spot visible on the object.

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