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Plumbing Tools For Every Household And Workplace

Plumbing tools are essential implements in today's times. There is a huge demand for quality plumbing tools these days, more so for the fact that these tools help take care of sudden situations in homes, industries, shopping malls, offices, retail outlets and almost every residential structure conceivable! There are several plumbing products online that seek to meet this demand head-on. The roster of commonly used plumbing products includes pipes, tool kits, valves, drains and more. You should definitely learn more about plumbing tools and their uses before plunging into purchasing an entire arsenal of the same for home or the workplace. The first thing that one needs to possess is the basic pliers. These pliers or channel locks are quick and easy to use and help in terms of stabilizing pipes and for unscrewing purposes. These locks are immensely helpful when it comes to taking care of all necessary repairing jobs.

Additionally, basin or sink wrenches are also basic tools that are used by plumbers to fix several issues including replacement of sinks and faucets. This self tightening wrench is best combined with shanks that offer easier and more convenient working angles. Compression angle stops are other essentials which make it a breeze in terms of fixing both faucets and toilets. Pipe wrenches are also deemed necessary for iron pipes and water heater fittings. You can buy plumbing tools online in India along with several other plumbing fittings, plumbing instruments and plumbing tools and equipment online. depending upon your specific needs and requirements.

Find Quality Plumbing Tools At Tolexo.Com

Tolexo.com is your one stop repository for top class plumbing tools and equipment. You will find an entire and comprehensive plumbing tools list here in addition to plumbing hand tools, plumbing pipes, tube fittings, water heaters, drains, flush valves and more! Tolexo.com stocks products from only the best brands in this segment including biggies like Kennedy, REX, Stanley and Gedore among others. You can take your pick based on the capacity, specifications, brand name and color of the tool in question.

Some of the popular picks in this regard include the bathroom hardware collection in addition to several tools and accessories under categories like drains, check valves and backflow preventers, float valves and accessories, filtration equipment and flow control valves among others.You can also check out some quality tools like quarter turn sink cocks with swinging spouts, bathroom faucets, nozzle health faucets, axis angle cocks, expandable shower tubes, bib cocks, square sandwich showers, soap dispensers, towel rings, multi-jet sprays and wall mixers among other options.You are assured of finding an extensive collection of equipment only at Tolexo.com.

Why Go Shopping For Plumbing Tools At Tolexo.Com?

Tolexo.com is the best bet for acquiring the best and most updated collections of tools for plumbing purposes. Tolexo.com has a 100% guarantee on all its products in terms of quality and brand value and only sources plumbing products from the best and most reputed brands and suppliers. That's not all; you will also be able to enjoy a flexible refund policy that works on a system of easy returns where 100% money back is offered to customers on returning products within a period of thirty days.

However, products must be unused in order to avail this benefit. Tolexo.com is a customer friendly website and also offers fast and hassle free shipping of products to varied destinations. Apart from plumbing products, we offer industrial safety tools, hand tools, power tools and a variety of electrical goods that cater to both home and industrial requirements.
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Aqua Grand Plus Ro-uf-uv Water Purifier, Grand Rs.16500 Rs.5266 68% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:12 months Manufacturer warranty Smart PVC Nylon Braided Transparent Hose Pipe Rs.471 Rs.470 Pack Quantity:1 WARRANTY Kerro Cute Bib Cock Bathroom Faucets, CU 01 Rs.710 Rs.280 60% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:4 Warranty:7 years DRP Full bore Brass Ball Valve Rs.318 Rs.317 Pack Quantity:1 Supreme Solar Water Heater, 300 LPD Rs.39500 Pack Quantity:1 Kerro Polo Wall Mixture With Bend Bathroom Faucets, PO 10 Rs.5260 Rs.1855 64% Pack Quantity:1 SunMarica Solar Water Heater Rs.13350 Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:5 Years Warranty Parryware Angle Cock (Push Taps), T2027A1 Rs.1900 Rs.1886 Pack Quantity:1 Super 30 meters Super Suction PVC Pipe Rs.1354 Rs.879 35% Pack Quantity:30 Meter Kohinoor Ball Cock, KV 535 Rs.490 Rs.342 30% Pack Quantity:1 WARRANTY Kerro HF01 Round Health Faucet Rs.324 Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 Kerro Cute Sink Mixture Bathroom Faucets, CU 09 Rs.3682 Rs.1323 64% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:7 years Supreme Solar Water Heater, 150 LPD Rs.26550 Pack Quantity:1 Eureka Forbes 50 Liter Reviva 50 LPH Online Water Purifier Rs.55000 Rs.43399 21% Pack Quantity:1 Snowbell Artize Angle Cock Set Of 8 Rs.4400 Rs.1806 58% Pack Quantity:8 Kerro Minni Wall Mixture(RG) Bathroom Faucets, MI 15 Rs.5787 Rs.2103 63% Pack Quantity:1 Parryware Wall Mixer 2-in-1 (Half-turn Range), Jade, G0216A1 Rs.3600 Rs.3573 Pack Quantity:1 MAHAVIR PVC Braided Pipe Rs.2100 Pack Quantity:100 Meter Kerro Cute Wall Mixture With Bend Bathroom Faucets, CU 10 Rs.5260 Rs.1855 64% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:7 years Aquel Deleno Super High Neck Pillar Cock, DL-01-37 Rs.3600 Rs.3599 Pack Quantity:1 Snowbell Artize Angle Cock Rs.550 Rs.264 52% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 Kerro Cute Long Body Bathroom Faucets, CU 02 Rs.3152 Rs.1125 64% Pack Quantity:4 Warranty:7 years Snowbell Tarim Sink Cock Set Of 2 Rs.3200 Rs.1230 61% Pack Quantity:2 Snowbell Flora Angle Cock Set Of 4 Rs.2200 Rs.923 58% Pack Quantity:4 Navjyoti Consealed Body Taper Cock Rs.131 Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:4 Kerro Cute Bib Cock Bathroom Faucets, CU 01 Rs.2840 Rs.1125 60% Pack Quantity:4 Warranty:7 years Snowbell Continental Health Faucet With 1 Meter Flexible Tube And Wall Hook Rs.575 Rs.296 48% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 WARRANTY Kerro Don Pillar cock Bathroom Faucets, DO 03 Rs.1104 Rs.432 60% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 Warranty:7 years Gold Range Unique Towel Rack Rs.2163 Rs.676 68% Pack Quantity:1 WARRANTY Kerro Trio Long Body Bathroom Faucets, TR 02 Rs.999 Rs.370 62% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 Warranty:7 years WARRANTY Kerro Korel Swan Neck Bathroom Faucets, KO 06 Rs.2366 Rs.865 63% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:7 years Pentair Membrane, TLC-75 Rs.1539 Rs.1282 16% Pack Quantity:1 Kerro Axis Bib Cock Bathroom Faucets, AX 01 Rs.973 Rs.432 55% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 Warranty:7 years Vinayak Metals Copper Pipe, 1/4 inch Rs.1537 Rs.1536 Pack Quantity:1 Snowbell Tarim Sink Cock Rs.1600 Rs.684 57% Pack Quantity:1 SUNDAR Feed Pipe/Watering Spakes, 002 TB Rs.2400 Rs.2339 2% Pack Quantity:30