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How do Water Heaters Work?

Be it a solar water heaters or electric water heater, these contraptions are of immense importance in both domestic and commercial spheres. How does a water heaters essentially work? This operates through a fascinating process which is not that hard to understand or overtly complicated. The water that comes into our homes is usually carried by a network of pipes and is mostly cold all throughout the year. For warming up water during the winters for hot showers or using the washing machine and dishwasher with hot water, of water heaters are very essential indeed. These are used in most residential zones and usually resemble large metal cylinders or drums that are mostly kept in basements, store rooms and laundry rooms. There are several newer designs that are currently in vogue including those that do away with the tank altogether. However, the traditional water heater is essentially a water filled drum and a heating mechanism either inside or at the bottom. In spite of their apparently simple mechanism, contemporary water heaters are marvels of modern science and technology. The simple shapes of these heaters encase ingenious functionality while there is an insulating blanket present in most cases. The internal design is quite simple yet supremely effective.

The workings of water heaters usually depend on the type that is being used in most cases. Fuel-fired or electric are the two commonest types. The former witnesses the use of either propane or natural gas while oil-fired devices are also quite popular in several zones. Electric heaters are mostly used in contemporary homes these days and come with specific power cables that link the electric service panel to the heater. Heaters with tanks not only warm water but also store the same till it can be used. Along with the heating system of the tank, insulation is also present in the tank for keeping water warm between the heating cycles. Delivery pipes and water supply are present on top of each and every tank. The pipe for supply delivers cold water to the bottom of the tank courtesy the dip tube. Additionally, the pipe for hot water delivery takes water from the top as well. Heaters come with pressure and temperature valves which operate based on whether pressure or temperature of the water crosses a safe limit. The valve is also linked to a pipe that goes all the way down outside the tank. Tanks are made of steel with glass lining inside in some cases.

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