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Electric Screwdrivers

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Electric Screw Drivers

This a power tool that is used for turning, driving or removing screws. The screwdriver is identified by its tip that is shaped to fit in the driving surface. You can buy screwdrivers from a simple stick-type with motor or batteries to power pistol type Variable Speed Reversible cordless drills.

Tolexo provides a variety of high efficiency power tools like air blowers, heat guns, angle grinders, demolition tools etc. apart from a wide range of electric screwdrivers.

Online Screwdrivers from Tolexo

Buy screwdrivers set on Tolexo at the best price across various platforms. Online electric screwdrivers are provided to you from the best brands like Bosch, CUMI, Dewalt, Hitachi, Makita etc. The products come with a 100% genuine guarantee and an easy return policy. We deliver the products at your doorstep without any hassle, and hence, are the leader in business and industrial supplies in India.