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Electric Screwdrivers

Electric Screw Drivers

This a power tool that is used for turning, driving or removing screws. The screwdriver is identified by its tip that is shaped to fit in the driving surface. You can buy screwdrivers from a simple stick-type with motor or batteries to power pistol type Variable Speed Reversible cordless drills.

Tolexo provides a variety of high efficiency power tools like air blowers, heat guns, angle grinders, demolition tools etc. apart from a wide range of electric screwdrivers.

Online Screwdrivers from Tolexo

Buy screwdrivers set on Tolexo at the best price across various platforms. Online electric screwdrivers are provided to you from the best brands like Bosch, CUMI, Dewalt, Hitachi, Makita etc. The products come with a 100% genuine guarantee and an easy return policy. We deliver the products at your doorstep without any hassle, and hence, are the leader in business and industrial supplies in India.
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RECOMMENDED CUMI CSD 010 Screw Driver/Drill, 20 mm, 280 W, 800 RPM Rs.3150 Rs.1399 55% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:6 Months Hi-Flex HF-10MM Electric Screwdriver, 350 W, 800 RPM Rs.1268 Rs.1029 18% Pack Quantity:1 EXCLUSIVE Electrex ESD1 Electric Screwdriver, 350 W, 750 RPM Rs.2900 Rs.1839 36% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:6 Months Against Manufacturing Defects Ingco Industrial Screwdriver Rs.3952 Rs.3951 Pack Quantity:1 Sumake EAC-S415LD Full Semi-Auto Shut-Off Electric Screwdriver, 1000 RPM, 4 mm Rs.6800 Rs.5674 16% Pack Quantity:1 Makita TD0101 Impact Driver 230W, 3600 RPM Rs.6500 Rs.5029 22% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:6 Months WARRANTY Bosch GSR 6-25 TE Screwdriver 6mm, 1500W, 2500 RPM Rs.13000 Rs.11582 10% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:6 Months Yuri Electric Screw Driver ,YR10SD Rs.1159 Rs.1120 3% Pack Quantity:1 Makita 6827 Screw Driver 570 W, 2500 RPM Rs.15000 Rs.12180 18% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:6 Months Ideal ID ES 6 Electric Screwdriver, 500 W, 2000 RPM, 6mm Rs.2900 Rs.2849 1% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:6 Months Against Manufacturing Defect Forever 7101 Electric Screwdrivers, 500 W, 0-2500 RPM Rs.3150 Rs.2729 13% Pack Quantity:1 Kilews DC Semi-Automatic Electric Screwdriver, POL801 Rs.8484 Rs.8483 Pack Quantity:1 Kilews Electric Screwdriver, TKS-1500 Rs.17621 Rs.17620 Pack Quantity:1 Metabo Electric Screw Driver, SE 2800, 400 W, 0-2850 RPM Rs.17500 Rs.8988 48% Pack Quantity:1 BPT Mini Screw Driver, RTZ-MSD-1 Rs.3798 Rs.1344 64% Pack Quantity:1 Yking 2304B Electric Screwdrivers, 380 W, 750 RPM Rs.1700 Rs.1524 10% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:2 Warranty Makita FS2700 Screwdriver 570W, 0-2500 rpm Rs.15000 Rs.11139 25% Pack Quantity:1 Kilews DC Automatic Electric Screwdriver, POL801 Rs.9789 Rs.9788 Pack Quantity:1 Yking Turbo 350 Watt Electric Screwdriver Rs.2200 Rs.2099 4% Pack Quantity:1 Hitachi W6VA4 Screw Driver 6 mm, 620 W, 3000 RPM Rs.15000 Rs.11912 20% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:6 Months Kelvis BSD-101 Electrical Screwdriver 36W, 1000 RPM Rs.9838 Rs.9837 Pack Quantity:1 Powergrip Electric Screw Driver, PGES-1000AC Rs.7793 Rs.7792 Pack Quantity:1 S R Engineering Electric Screw Driver CL-6500 Rs.18225 Pack Quantity:1 Double Bull Electrical Screwdriver Drill 10 mm, 280 W, 750 RPM Rs.1200 Rs.1199 Pack Quantity:1 Kilews Automatic Electric Screwdriver, Sudog-2225 Rs.18926 Rs.18925 Pack Quantity:1 Pro Tools 1004-A Electric Screwdriver, 400 W, 0-750 RPM Rs.3105 Rs.1658 46% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:2 Months Powergrip Electric Screw Driver, PPES -222000AC Rs.6066 Pack Quantity:1 Metabo Impact Screw Driver, SSW 650, 650 W, 0 - 2100 RPM Rs.49000 Rs.29370 40% Pack Quantity:1 S R Engineering Electric Screw Driver CL-4000 Rs.25110 Pack Quantity:1 Maf India MSD-10A Electric Screwdriver, 350 W, 750 RPM Rs.1210 Rs.1149 5% Pack Quantity:1 TRUMAX 10 mm Screw Driver Drill, Mx1013 Rs.1565 Rs.1520 2% Pack Quantity:1 Prompt PSD-10 Electric Screwdriver, 300 W, 750 RPM, 10 mm Rs.1800 Rs.1309 27% Pack Quantity:1 WARRANTY Cheston CH-SCREWELEC Electric Screw Gun 280 W, 750 RPM Out of Stock Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:3 Months Eastman ESD-010 Electric Drill/ Driver 10mm, 500W, 0-25000 rpm Out of Stock Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:6 Months Foster FSD-010 Pro Screw Driver With LED Light Pistol Grip Drill, 10 mm Out of Stock Pack Quantity:1 WARRANTY Dewalt DW268 Screwdriver 6.3mm, 540W, 0-2500 rpm Out of Stock Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 Year