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Dawer Jigsaw, DW500
Hitachi CJ160V Jig Saw
Trumax Mx1070 Jig Saw
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Jig saw - The Unsung Hero

Jigsaw power tools are very integral part of any carpentry or a metal workshop. It is typically an electrically powered power tool which is put to use to shape any kind of material which can be a metal, wood or any other material. With the help of a Jigsaw the user can very easily cut irregular curves and stenciled designs from any material with utmost precision. It uses a very basic mechanism of reciprocating saw blade which means that the material gets cut with help of push and pull motion of the blade. Earlier it was used along with a treadle, which has now been replaced by the power jig saw in the modern times. Some people also use it as a Drill Machine as it can easily penetrate through almost any surface.

Types of Jig Saw in the Industry

There are various types power tools that vary according to their usage. Firstly, there is Table Saw, which is a saw bench that has a table which provides the supports to user for the work space and a protruding circular saw which cuts the material. It is either electrically or manually powered. It is usually used for the wood industry. Then there is Miter Saw which is typically used to make cuts at predefined angles with the help of the protruding blade on the swinging arm of the saw. It is very commonly used for making photo frames, door frames, window casings etc. The miter saw is also called as Cut Off Saw. Then there is a hand held saw which uses a circular toothed blade which normally is an abrasive disc and using the rotatory motions cuts different kinds of materials like, wood, metal, marble, tile, etc. This saw is mostly a power or battery operated power tool and is called as the Circular Saw.

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