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Anti Static Gloves

We are already aware of the significance of gloves and the number of their types available in the market for different purposes. Safety Gloves have been designed taking into consideration the need, working environment and convenience of their wearers. Reflecting upon the field of electronics and electricity, hand protection is rather definite. Working in the field of electronics involving electricity needs managing and treating sensitive parts such as films, circuit boards, electronic instruments and their components. Workers in the field of electronics need to protect their hands from cut and optimal grip in light oil. Static builds up while working consequently attracting dust. Even when static charge is controlled another issue is the contamination of the materials being handled. The natural oils from the hands will absorb dust which is almost unavoidable. Anti static gloves or Electrostatic Discharge Gloves (ESD) are specifically designed in such a way blending soft conductive and synthetic fibers that in particle sensitive and low-contaminate environments, they help to protect both workers and the environment. Anti static gloves are used specially for keeping oils from the skin off the circuit boards, thus, protecting the product from both contamination and static build up.

Various Types of Antistatic Gloves

Variety of blends of Antistatic or ESD protective gloves is obtainable in the market. One such kind of safety gloves is Antistatic Nitrile Gloves. They are designed to be used in low contaminate environments. They come in a rolled up cuff with textured finger tips and ambidextrous fit and are powder free. They feature broad chemical resistance which makes them ideal for electrostatic discharge sensitive applications. They are broadly used in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, electro manufacturing, medical equipments, and photonics and semi conductors.
Another variety among the antistatic gloves is Antistatic Nylon Gloves. These gloves are also commonly known as Conductive Gloves. They are made of dust free nylon fabric woven with nylon and carbon filament yarn. They are further coated with polyurethane on the palm and fingers. They are known for their seamlessness, elasticity and non slip surface.
Antistatic Polyester Gloves also find place under the categories of different antistatic gloves. They are made of polyester material and are used in an electronic assembly where static charge is concerned. These are washable and reusable gloves widely used in electronic manufacturing, photonics and medical equipment manufacturing industries.
Antistatic Vinyl Gloves also exist in the market made up of polyvinyl chloride. They are powder free, ambidextrous with beaded cuffs normally used in food industries.

Antistatic Gloves at Tolexo.com

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