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Chemical Resistant Gloves

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Chemical Resistant Gloves

Toxic materials are the main reason for any skin harm or injury in the working environment. It has been surveyed and proved that most accidents that involve injuries to hands and arms are due to chemical exposure or immersion in hazardous liquids. Gloves that can protect against such chemical burns and hazards have become a major necessity in every workplace. Chemical resistant gloves are specially designed to overcome the potential hazards posed by harmful chemicals and liquids and keep the wearer’s hands safe from itching, burns and allergies of chemicals.

More on Chemical Resistant Gloves

hemical resistant gloves are available in various compounds in supported and unsupported styles. Different chemicals are handled by the use of different coatings on the gloves. These gloves can be made from materials like natural rubber, latex, nitrile, PVC, neoprene, cryogenic or butyl. The main purpose of all the chemical resistant gloves are the same: to provide protection from corrosives, oils and solvents. Let us brief you about a few materials and resistance they offer. Chemical-resistant gloves made from natural rubber and latex have good physical qualities and dexterity. They provide great resistance against bases, alcohols and diluted water solutions. Gloves made of PVC are low cost and durable gloves offering resistance against strong acids, salts and alcohol. Chemical-resistant gloves made of neoprene are used for oxidising acids, phenols, anilines, caustics and glycol ethers. Nitrile gloves protect from oil, greases and aliphatic chemicals. Nitrile gloves also provide resistance from snag, abrasion, punctures and cuts. Whereas butyl gloves are comparatively expensive, providing protection against glycol leathers, ketones and esters.

Chemical Resistant Gloves at Tolexo.com

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