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Cut Resistant Gloves (Coated)

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Cut Resistant Gloves

If you are conscious and care about your hands and skin while doing any job that requires your hands to be constantly in contact with the substances harmful to your skin in the long run, gloves are the appropriate solution for you. You can use the safety gloves made of rubber. The sole purpose of the gloves is to protect your hands while performing work involving chemicals. Rubber gloves are usually worn during most household chores. Wearing gloves while washing utensils can save your hands from the harmful effects of concentrated detergents and allows the use of hotter water, which, otherwise is impossible with the bare hands. Safety Gloves are used in the cooking processes too. Dusting, sweeping and cleaning also requires your hands to be protected for a softer skin and allergic reactions. Care takers do use the gloves for diaper changing process to avoid the hands coming in contact with the faecal remains and urine.

Palm Coated Latex Gloves

Work gloves come in a variety of designs, textures and materials to be used for different purposes. These gloves are generally knit using high quality of fibre for different working environments. Adding a protective layer to such knit gloves can further work wonders in increasing their durability and efficiency. Comfort remains the same but the credibility increases. Combinations of various strong and tough materials like nylon, cotton, composite yarn and latex, PVC, nitrile, etc. are used to coat the gloves to yield better results. Gloves become trustworthy partners for numerous jobs from the electrical work to plumbing to mechanical tasks by merely adding a right layer of coating to it.
Latex coating is the most popular and useful amongst the wide choices of coatings available for the gloves. Latex is nothing but a type of rubber derived from various monomers which is known for its extremely high durability and outstanding grip. Latex can withstand extreme heat and it tear resistant with high elasticity which makes it a better coating option over other materials.

Palm Coated Gloves at Tolexo.com

Tolexo.com offers range of palm coated and latex rubber gloves to suit your requirements. We showcase the gloves that offer great safety and grip combined with flexibility and user convenience. We aid you in choosing the right glove for the right job!